Building 18650 pack differently?


I im planning on building a battery. But not in a ordinary way by using a spot welder, as I want the ability to incease P easily.

My idea is to 3d print a battery holder with tabs on each sides of the tabs soldered to a “buss bar” made out of 8 awg silicon wire and by the wire also connecting these wires to serie connections. Included is a picture. But my main conncer is that by only using a press fit, would the batteries have sufficient contact area with the tabs?


Search for N.E.S.E on the forum.

Yeah ive seen that. Trying to to it for less money :stuck_out_tongue: and be able to modify it more

What kind of tabs are you thinking to use? Don’t forget that they would have to handle pretty high current depending on how many cells in parallel you are using.

@Winfly has designed cheaper compression packs than N.E.S.E.

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Was planning for 3 or 4 parallel. And room for more if wanted.

Well either some beefy nickel or some plated coppar

Whats the plan then for adding in cells later on? Start with 3/4P and then a few months later add more cells? Once u start cycling cells its not recommended to add in new ones…

That’s only for S count, adding cells in parallel is fine so long as you equalize the voltage beforehand.

why does Tesla and some solar guys use buss bar and we use tabs for our battery?