Building a 10s1p Lipo with BMS!

Im really tired of having a short 8 mile range. I would love to see more like 12 miles. I am also very interested in having a more economical charging system than carrying around a IMAX B6. I would love to find a good price on a used battery if that’s an advisable option. I’m also open to buying a welded battery pack and doing the wire soldering myself.

You could just buy a bunch of 18650 cells and make your own pack. Or commission @barajabali to make you a pack if he still does that kind of thing.

I would love to make my own pack but unfortunately I do not have anywhere to use a spot welder.

I made a 10s4p pack with a soldering iron. See here:

Well then, that is very interesting!! Do you know the cost for the materials as well as BMS and charger?

Samsung 25r cells $165 (sale) BMS $15 Charging port, lcd meter, wires ~$25 anti spark switch $40 (sale) bus bars ~$15

I am completely uneducated on how a 10s4p would even start to be assembled. I’m up for the challenge though!

There’s tons of diagrams in here that can help you out. Just research and ask questions if you get stuck.

Well, Ill just go for it then. Im going to rename this thread as to a noob building a pack and document the entire build for others that may be in the same boat that I am.

Goal: Build a 10s4p Battery Pack

Problem: I have absolutely no clue what I am doing and welcome any words of advice (or warning)! I am competent with handling electricity and basic knowledge of wiring. I can solder as well so that shouldn’t be an issue. I mainly need help with sourcing and knowledge of what to buy and from who. I am not being lazy and depending on you for every answer as I will be doing extensive research and reading on assembly!

Check out this thread for diagrams

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Thank you! I now have a diagram to follow!

This is how I put mine together.

Not saying it’s the best, it’s just how I did it. And I didn’t use a BMS, put a balancing port and charging port on the enclosure.

Is this a legit site?? If so that would mean $3.80 per cell

Yes, it’s legit, that’s were I got my samsung 25r’s from!

Thats a hell of a price compared to others i’ve read about! Shipping is $15 though.

Yeah it is, I was able to get 52 for the 3.80; they shipped from Texas and came in about a week. They do require them to be signed for when delivered which can be a hassle.

Im in an apartment complex so the office will receive them for me!

So apparently I have found the cells at a good price. Now to find the other materials and to purchase it all.

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For science and comfort I will be building a Lipo pack instead. I will be building a setup like what @Namasaki has done.


I just got back from a test ride with my rebuilt battery. 9 miles with hills and still at 3.75V resting. its a 10s lipo 5.2ah 10c/20c split in 2 x 5s flat packs. only like 8mm thick. but I stack 2 high.

multistar pack works decent for this since they are just wrapped and taped together. but its kind of a pain to split the tabs.

you could save some time with these, sadly the 40c version is out of stock…

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