Building a 12s4p Liion Pack

I have two questions regarding building 18650 battery packs.

  1. Do I need to charge them all individually before I start building?
  2. Can someone link me to a diagram that would show me how to wire up a 6s4p battery that I can then put in series on my board. ( So I can charge them as 6s) Thanks, Rourke

Any plans for them stacked 1x1? Thanks

Nevermind, I think I will just draw a diagram and have it checked over :grin: Do you charge your batteries before you build your pack? @link5505

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I don’t think that anyone charges them to max capacity before assembling the pack.

You should check them all with a multimeter to make sure they are at the same voltage. If they are, build the pack and let the BMS charge and balance them for the first time.

When you test with the multimeter, If any are anomalies that very low compared to the rest, you can charge them back up individually so that the cells are the same voltage before you weld them together.

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