Building a battery from scratch vs modifying a premade

I’m on the battery (12s4p) portion of my build with a flexible deck (Icarus) . I don’t have any experience building batteries but it seems some what straight forward in assembly. However, I don’t have a spot welder. So I am considering getting a prebuilt battery and basically breaking apart some portions to re assemble it in a different layout. This way most of the spot welds will be done already. And the charger and bms system is already configured/sourced. I’m not sure how plausible this is being unfamiliar with any premade batteries and wanted to get input on that method vs starting from scratch.

Id reccomend starting from scratch

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When do you need to start building your batt dude?

I dunno know you’re gonna reconfigure your layout or create a new pack without a spotwelder. So… get a spotwelder. :man_factory_worker: I had a bad experience soldering cells. :mask:

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It’s a lot of work and might not be as clean as a premade… however you’ll learn a lot and be able to fix any problems with the battery…

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When? Idk as soon as i can I guess.

Ok, do you already have your cells ?

Edit : dumb me, that’s the point of the thread --" don’t mind the post

plausible? yes. feasible? maybe

or get lipo and use a “discharge balancer” and greatly simplify things. no soldering needed even

Yeah no cells yet. Was about to check out with 48 cells in my cart but decided to make this thread to see if there was a better way.

I guess I’m gonna try my hand at making the battery from scratch. Thanks for the input.

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If you’re not already set up to make your own battery pack, and this is more likely a one-off effort, I think you should consider buying a pack from someone here. I’m not sure what you mean by a “pre made” pack, but @barajabali @fottaz @longhairedboy @oriol360 @psychotiller @torqueboards (in alphabetical order, no faves!) all sell professionally made packs (sorry if I forgot any vendors here!) You can explain your layout to them and get the pack dialed in to your spec.

A battery pack made wrong is a serious risk, search for “fire” here on the forum - you’ll see a handful of fires caused by DIY packs that were not properly prepared.

I don’t mean to discourage you from exploring the art of battery design and building, just offering perspective. If you’re excited to learn to do it, by all means go for it!


The part I’m getting stuck on right now is that I don’t know how to figure out what layout I need to order.


I use this layout.

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On an Icarus deck?

ZackoryCramer vlw by layout. being 48 cells? I need a lot of information, Acklavidian know anything about electronics (more than me) and I intend to ask many things yet !! (I will count on help) Greetings!

I’m not sure what you’re telling me here but Ill help anyway I can.

I say I’m following your topic, battery (12s4p) is a great idea, I understood that I can use 48ion 30q, but I know less about it than you … (…) I’m counting on help

@isqueromeroderviz there is so much good information here on this forum. I know for a fact you don’t have to search to long or hard to find all the answers you’re looking for. It’s more than asking a bunch of questions. It’s about spending some time on others build logs or searching how to build a battery pack. It’s all on here. Ultimately it’s going to come down to what You want to do with this board, your budget and possible future builds. Without knowledge of how to build a pack of having the proper equipment I would spend a good deal of time reading to determine if it’s something you’re ready to tackle or just buy a premade pack and skip the hassle. I guarantee the amount of time (which means money) you spend building your own pack for just one board will be more expensive than buying a prebuilt pack. Which I’m sure you could work out a custom configuration to fit your deck. Either way good luck!

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you can add me to the battery builder list for EU people :wink:

I already helped a few people and offer them soon via website!

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