Building a Better Battery Enclosure that's Slim and not Bulky

Id like to share with the community this battery and esc enclosure that I am currently working on.

I have recently finished my skateboard and build but was not so happy with my enclosure. The option for enclosures seems so limited and the ones I did find were way too big.

I like to build cruiser boards and prefer the size at a minimum. not too into the long boards because I like to travel in and around the city.

Id love to here your thoughts on this enclosure.

The enclosure fits a custom 10s2p battery and has a slim profile at 2.5cm. Looks great under the board and practically invisible when used with hubs. This design is inspired by flower trays.

Below is a link to my current build, the blood diamond (I bled literally and the name was fit. ) this is my second build. top speed 32 kmh (20 mph)

if you have any questions or thoughts or comments on the closure id like to hear feedback appreciate it.