Building a board to go 45 mph. Looking for design feedback

Hey all,

I’m in the process of building a new high speed board, and wondering if I could get some input or feedback if anyone has built a board already that can actually go that fast. I know it’s been done before, but most of the one’s I’ve seen are highly customized and gigantic (like Moe Stooge’s board). I already built a board using mostly Torque Boards parts that can reliably do 36, and am looking to take it to the next level and push the limits a little bit. I only plan on going 45 wearing full face helmet and leathers because a crash at that speed can be catastrophic.

My biggest concern is not blowing out the controller trying to get that fast, so I’m wondering how much can be done with the gearing. The standard limit is 60,000 erpm for vesc controllers.

the following configuration gives me a maximum of 61,740 erpm, with 55.2 mph theoretical maximum 46 mph weighted:

Landyachtz Evo deck

2x 245kv Turnigy SK3

10s 30Q battery


107mm super fly’s

2:1 gearing

I’ve never seen anyone using a gearing ratio less than 2:1. Is there a reason for this? It would be easier for me to get the speed I need out of smaller wheels using like a 22T:36T gearing ratio and I would prefer this for a lower center of gravity. I’m not sure the 107mm superfly’s would be very good at that speed.

Anyone have any advice? Maybe anyone that has done this before and have something you would do differently?



Maybe just Copy @Deckoz’s build and put higher gear like 16t on the motor pulley.

Or copy this Carvon Evo build.

i would go 12s and lowe kv. torque will be limited and brake force would not adquit for 245kv. I did go 43mph with 260 is 1:3 ratio in control environment, with 10s lipo pushing 100amp. I was in down hill as well. problem was acceleration before end of the road and slowing down. also as you go faster air resistance build up quickly so you might not get the highend torq u need to push through that.

I dont know the motor size so I can’t say for sure tho

vesc six’s have higher erpm limit than 60000, that was the 4.12 vescs and lower.

Gearing wise, not the guy to talk to since I build hub motors, lol.

It’s not that hard to do. But it’s hard to maintain torque while also having those speeds.

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I run FOC Sensored on 13s with 15/36T on 107mm wheels…

You either need bigger wheels or less reduction to get speed. My board is nothing short of a rocket…if you go my route please build carefully and meticulously


looks like you can reach about ~47-48mph before your wind drag surpasses the vehicle thrust… (bottom left chart assuming 60a battery limit & 90a motor limit per motor):


My build has done 44mph with a human riding lol

Dual focbox 12s4p 30q Dual 6374 16/33t pullies Abec 107mm wheels



yoooooo you are def the guy i want to talk to haha…

first off, your Evo board looks absolutely amazing, great work man.

i read your build thread that the other person linked above. i have a couple questions that i didn’t see answered there if you wouldn’t mind giving some info… i’m also prone to missing things in threads so sorry if you repeat yourself

  • how fast have you gotten going on that bad boy?
  • What do you expect the top speed is?
  • how high erpm have you run the FOCBOX at?


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amazing. thank you so much for this, as an engineer this is the kind of stuff i like to see

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how’d you get that setup to go that fast? downhilling? cause according to eskate calculator it’s not possible

Be very careful…I would suggest a running track with rubberized surface and open bail out space …I would also investigate running pneumatic wheels 6-8inch slick tires.

good luck

47mph down hill, 43 flat land.

Top is somewhere around there at full charge

FOC Sensored and Sensorless has no ERPM… though if it was in BLDC it would be around 73kerpm at max.

As a side note Please don’t take this the wrong way by any means…

I know you’ve been a member over a year, and the OP says you’ve built and ridden a 36mph board… but I see no posts. I only want to say, please be careful… I don’t want to call you a liar, I just want you to know a 40+ mph board is serious, so please take it seriously. Again no offense, I just want all safe, and acting intelligent in the capabilities of the boards they are building. :slight_smile:


What settings are you putting in cause esk8 calculator gives me this.

Also my board was recorded with a radar gun ask @longhairedboy he’s the witness that held the gun.


i forgot to change the wheel size :sweat_smile:


i’d imagine that you can top 50mph (bottom left chart) with 1.83:1 gear ratio (for example 24t motor 44t wheel)

assuming 12S (46v) & 2:1 reduction I get 55mph…

Just in case your curious… 13s full noload spool


About the gear ratio, hub motors are basically 1:1 so i think you can try a lower ratio if you want. though start tourque might suffer, but once you get rolling there should be no problems. also you probably have enough power to get around even at low speed anyways…

But one thing i would think about would be the currents. I had a lipo setup with a 370kv motor and a tourqueboards esc, 4s battery. Man that thing had a sick kick. but when i got a vesc it suddenly got pretty tame, it was just not capable to push those amps…

Though, if you were to go for higher amps, that would mean higher power and also affect the battery and so on

My current setup could theoriticaly push 47-48mph with the 14:27 gearing but I have now changed it to 10:27 as I was getting low torque and awful mileage.

I’m using 12s, 190kv, 10:27 or 14:27 and 97mm wheels.

you use 12s lipos right? did you make your own battery or buy a prepackaged one?

also that cap bank looks really cool. I have often wondered the possibility of building a cap bank to be used as for some “turbo boost” :japanese_ogre: