Building A Budget Board, With Room To Upgrade

Okay amazing. Can you reccomend a motor?

the motor you picked is fine, also the wheel pulleys in the kit wont fit on calibers if you dont shave off some of the truck

^step not necessary with paris trucks

What kind of battery would I need for this? This seems like a good deal for trucks motor belt / pulley and wheels.

Tho the motor is small, but does it make up for it being 2 of them?

it does but those trucks have a bad history, they will snap on you, and the motor mounts arent CNC @b264

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Got it. Im fine with buying Paris, but how do you know the longboard trucks wont work? is it a sizing issue?

The bore of the wheel pulley is not big enough for caliber

Which one?


For the batteries would it be cheaper to solder these:

I could keep it cheap and do 6s worth and later add another 4s?

The 6374 is way more powerful than the 5065

Get the 6374

Never mix old a new cells so if you wanna do 10s then do it now, also fake cells are a thing so watch out


Agreed, just go 10S from the start.

Also, I wouldn’t solder cells themselves so if your looking to DIY, look into spot welding. I got the MinispotA, which is great if you’re working relatively slow, and $60 ain’t bad, but take into account the battery, charger, your looking at $110 shipped for everything. Then battery supplies… Even then, I feel like a spot welder with all the supplies you need, cells, etc still comes out to be as expensive if not cheaper than buying a quality pack pre-made. After the initial materials and welder investment, building additional batteries yourself is significantly cheaper. But do your research. Lots of little safety things to take into account if your trying to build your own battery.

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Don’t solder to cells directly.

If you need a pair of 5065 200kv motors I have a used pair that I could sell for cheap.

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Me too! :blush: Very simple, safe and it makes it harder to steal my board when I have the “key”.

I know you never should. I’ve done it on my 12S3P pack tho’ since I’ve done a lot of soldering before and knew I could make it quick. It didn’t hurt the cells much at all, but it took a LOT of preparation and flux to make it that quick.

I would use a spot welder next time though!

If you have to do it, keep a piece of COLD aluminum nearby to press on the cells and suck the heat out of the end. And don’t short the cells doing it. And don’t reuse the same piece unless it’s cold again.


But don’t solder to cells at all.


Exactly! You can, but it’s not good.

Spot welding is the way to go :slight_smile:

Pls dont use that 6374 motor from ebay, those wires are way to thin imo

Yup! The 6374 from TB has 12 awg wires

Hello, thankyou so much for your offer how much are you asking and how used is it?