Building a E skateboard for school project and would like some advice

Hey everyone, I am building an electric skateboard for a school project. I have been spending a lot of time on these forms looking for information and advice but I do still have some questions. My first big one is about hub motors and where and what kind to get. I would like some that are good quality but I don’t have a ton to spend. I have scene a lot about hummie and Jacob’s motors but I have not really been about to find where to buy them and how much they are. I have around 150 USD to spend and so may need to go another route. I would love to here what you guys suggest. The other question I have is about batteries. I do fly multirotors and so know a good amount batteries from that but was wanting to know what a common capacity and cell count is.

Thanks a lot for all of the information you guys have already provided through the website.

$150 will not give you a working board, most people spend more than that on a VESC

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Ditto. You can easily spend 10 times that on a board.

150 Isn’t enough for hubs alone. But if you want to get hubs your only real options are Carvons or some chinese stuff. Check out this site for chinese hub kits.

As for batteries, common voltage is 6-12S and Ah can be adjusted for the range you’re looking for. Ten watt hours roughly translates to one kilometer of range.

Yes you will need some more money if you want to build one decent board.

batteries 6s min and then depending on how much will the motor drain and how many discharge C the battery have to determine how many in paralel

Just to clarify 150 is what I plan to spend of the motors alone. I understand that a full board will cost much more. I also understand that it may also not be enough for quality hub motors or direct drive motors and I am considering a belt drive system if that is the case. As far as the ESC’s go I am planning to build them and the controller myself (I am an electrical engineering major).

On the Carvon site is the a place to buy the motors alone I have not been able to find them.

You should check out my 90mm Maytech Hub Motor review there not as cheap as your looking for, unless you do a single hub. $90 per motor and the truck to mount them on is $25. If you really want to save even more money Banggood has started selling really cheap motor mounts and gears as full kits for like under $100 that’ll be your best bet if you want to spend as little as possible. Also building your own ESC is possible though it’s going to be very hard and very time consuming no matter how much EE experience you have. The VESC has had years of improvements and versions and it’s still not perfect so I’d say go with a $90 Maytech VESC or use a Car ESC if you really need to be cheap.

I’m an EE major as well. I think building your own ESC will be a pretty daunting task. A friend of mine was able to do it, but it took him about 4 weeks of intense work and all it powered was a 100 watt BLDC motor, with no current control or battery cutoffs or anything. All it did was spin the motor.

To build one that is capable of current control and taking input from a controller and not to mention able to deliver 2000+ watts without blowing up will be difficult. Not trying to discourage you just pointing a few things out. Unless the project revolves around the design of the ESC, buying one may be a better option in order to finish the project on time. Or perhaps take a look at Vedder’s VESC design (they’re free online) to get an idea of how he built his.

Also: you can go real cheap, but often cheap isn’t best. Rather spend a little more, it can go a long way. Good luck and have fun!

Let’s start buy listing out your parts with prices associated, what do you have in mind in terms of parts? A suggestion would be to 3D printing a lof of your parts if thats an option. Your university might offer that service like mine. Just out of curiousity, can we see your rough build list?

This list is some what tentative I have’t fully made up my mind and I am open to suggestions Board - Rimable 42 Inch Long board - $50 If there is another one you would suggest that is similarly price and better quality let me know.

VESC - Maytech 30 A Dual VESC 10s - $110 Not sure on this VESC because I would like to run 12s

Motors- I am unsure of what I am going to do for motors and I am open to suggestions. I am considering a set from which I believe are Hummie motors, correct me if I am wrong.

Radio/controller - I am going to build myself. This is something I have done before and feel comfortable doing again.

Batteries - I am planning to go with a 10s set up unless I can find a different VESC that supports 12S dual motors

I am also considering putting LED lights on as well.

If there is anything I missed let me know. I don’t have much experience with skateboards so I am sure there is something I am overlooking.

Look up LANDWHEEL. There are a few people with broken units that they can sell. The hub motors work, the problems were with their ESCs and batteries. Sadly, I already sold mine, they basically only paid for the shipping cost.

BTW it’s SEEN, not SCENE

The cheapest you can get is the Meepo, but there are better components.

If you want a cheap but good build you can go for the popular ebay esc

I saw a picture you posted of your build with this esc how’s it holding up?

I’m still building it, will post pictures if it’s finished :wink:

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Ok, I’m looking forward to it