Building a mountainboard - Need your help!

Hi guys! I’ve been riding my DIY electric longboard for a few years now and I’m having a blast!

Now I want to start the next build and I need your help and thoughts to build the perfect mountainboard for a reasonable price!

I’m thinking a pretty standard mountanboard from and the motor mount from . The other electronics are more of a questionmark atm.

If you have any tips on a good trampaboard for a noobie on these boards, please help :slight_smile:

I was thinking two VESC’s 4.12 and two Turnigy SK3 6374 192KV, though i’m not sure how to mount the pulley on the round motor shaft.

Then comes the batterypack. I have a DIY 18650 12S3P pack atm and i’m thinking about a 12S4P pack for the new one. Or LiPo’s if there’s any advantages.

The encolosure for everything needs to be as close to waterproof as possible.

I’f you have any thoughts, ideas or just want to say hi, please comment! Any tips are welcome :slight_smile:


I would recommend you getting an Vesc 6 variant, more amps and relatively cheap, 110$ or so For dual drive you will need more than a 3p for sure, i would use 4 minimally preferably 5p

For a little more $$ you can get maytech motors that are ip54 rated

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Thanks for some great tips! I will check that out! Where can u find the Vesc6 dual? or do I just buy two?

you can probably get a better price if you order from a group buy

Sweet! Thank you so much! I live in Sweden so a group buy is hard to find. But those prices were pretty good either way :slight_smile:

theres one in europe now

So basically the advantage of lipo is the power to size difference. Liion is brilliant dont get me wrong, but lipo is cheaper, sometimes smaller and can usually push much higher amperage. regarding the pulley, you use a small grinder and grind a flat spot into the shaft. you can also use a chisel.

Thanks! I will check it out! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I understand. Will I need the extra amps from the LiPo or will a 12S4P-Samsung-30Q-pack manage to deliver the amps I need?

To get the most out of your 2 6374’s, you’d be better off with lipo, but i would say it would be just fine on 12s4p. Like @Acido said, you’d be better off with 12s5p. Not 100% sure the power mtb’s pull bc ive never personally built one. Should be okay, i think

I see! The 30Q should be able to do short bursts of 30A I think. And with a 4P that would give a burst of 120A. 60A per motor with 12S is 3000W. That should be plenty of power :slight_smile: Please correct me if i’m wrong!

The 30q can handle 20A constant, so 80A constant which is 40A per vesc. that’s usually enough for the most vescs with 4.12 HW. not sure so about the voltage sag with a 4p if you climb mountains or constantly ride hard offroad, it can shorten your range a bit. 5-6p in this case better. How about your battery enclosure? you plan to mount it on top or under the deck?

For reference… I’m using li-ion with a 10s12p config for my latest build (emtb). I’d recommend as many parallel groups as you can afford

Ok sweet! I plan on mounting it on top between my feet. Just for the ride height. 5P is probably better, yes…

Damn that’s a huge battery! Must weigh a ton xD But with that range, there’s no need to carry the board either :smiley:

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I will be starting another 6.6 ESC group buy soon

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If you mount it on top you don’t have to go slim. That’s good and more safe in case you grind some rocks. How about the range you wanna cover? If it’s just for like 10-15km go with lipos. Above I would go with 18650s

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same as any build, it will pull as much as you let them

Yeah, until your esc and motors burn up :joy:

yea something like that

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