Building a plug for grp integrated deck

Just started making a plug so I can make a mould and see if I can make an integrated deck. Here is a photo of the wooden plug coated up and ready for a sand then a final coat and polish. Just an idea for the time being. May or may not work…


Looks amazing!!! Let us know how it works out

Looks great, how long is it? Just for yourself or for production?

So I gave it a polish up and put the first coat of wax on. It’s not perfect but it’s a prototype… It’s about 36 inches long or 92cm? Making it to see if it’ll work and bring a bit of interest to the working day! If it works then why not knock a few out. The key will be getting the composite right inside to make it strong enough without being heavy. The battery compartment should give it some structure. Hopefully…

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Leave it matte black, look much cleaner and sweet

To get it to pop out of the mould it’ll probably be better gloss but not a problem to matte it back if I get one out of the mould!

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If you are using PVA release film, that will help out a lot. Make a smooth separation from plug and mould. You might be using that already. Ijs.

Yep, got the pva standing by!

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A bit more wax and view from a different angle.

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Popped the plug out of the mould today. Need more thicknesss to the mould then it’s ready for some polishing and see if can get a deck made! Very busy with work this week so this will more than likely take a while…


Looking good, like the yellowy orange gel coat.

It could have done with a double or triple gel coat but I was rushing in between jobs. Going to get it right up to thickness before I carry on. The orange was just what I had to hand, easy to see when the deck colour is on thick enough. (just as long as I don’t make an orange one!)

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have you considered making a foam core version of this to do it in carbon fiber? That would be sweet and solve your structure issues.

I’ve never worked with carbon, was thinking of some kind of core material though. Perhaps nidaplast, I have some combi mat which is really tough. May end up changing completely and just making a few grp enclosures to fit to regular decks if it gets too heavy or not tough enough.

I’m going to give this another crack. I’ve set one of my enclosures into a ply deck shape and am in the process of filling and priming. I’ll add a few more photos if I get further down the line this time… I think I have a plan in my head now about how it should work.


Wow Ben! That looks amazing! Good idea!

If you made one this shape I’d snap your arm off for it! :smiley:

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I do an enclosure for that shape… I’ll get some better pics tomorrow, I’ve done the radius around the box, rubbed it down and added a few coats of primer.

A bit of rubbing down.

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Definitely following this. Put me in line for one of these if you pop a few out to us.