Building an ESK8 suitable for the land of extremes

  1. You’ll need at least 10s
  2. use a 149kv HobbyKing SK3 for great torque
  3. If you really want everything on that list covered, it’s gonna cost more than 700 euros. Here’s the conservative list that I would recommend to cover everything(in USD, shouldn’t be hard to convert though): 2x 80$ HobbyKing 149Kv SK3 motors 2x VESC (range from 99$-149$ per unit) 1x GT2B controller (25$) 1x Carbon Fiber Trampa Complete (Includes super strong deck and big AT wheels that you wanted) (~600-800$) Miscellaneous (gears, motor mounts, chains, waterproofing materials, etc.) (~200-400$) So as you can see, even in very conservative amounts, with everything you want the list still adds up to at least 925USD without taxes and shipping. This converts to about 840€.

@anorak234 I’d take the top end of your prices to make the dual like that…$1200 min for a set up like that

that seems to be a dual drive setup, but if I’m going to go with a single drive in the beginning (and then potentially upgrade it later). How much do you recon that would cost?

Still a lot. My setup which goes about 25mph max isn’t waterproof, doesn’t have big wheels, has 5 miles of range, and isn’t very powerful cost me 600$ with taxes and everything shipped.

I think that getting it waterproofed or atleast splash resistant is not going to take much, some boxes for the electronics and a ton of hot glue and ducktape. Edit: Also, I don’t really see bigger wheels affecting the cost all that much, unless I go with the 75€ pneumatic wheels. Edit2: Also, there is no way I could get a Trampa board or whatever, the cost for that was like 400€ according to the site, I am planning on getting something like a 2nd hand Landyacht for ~100€

Here’s what I would recommend for an approx. 700 USD setup:

Turnigy SK3 8s2p 6000mah Lion w/BMS FVT 120A ESC GT2B or Psychotiller Mini Controller MBS all-terrain flywheels Torque boards motor mount and pulley kit You could make a deck to save money and get exactly what you want or you could buy one (

Edit: find a different ESC, I don’t think the FVT will work with 8s. Just buy a VESC

The “MBS all-terrain flywheels” seem super small tho, only 100mm, and big wheels are kind of like the focus of this build ._.

Take a look at this build:

Only input I can make is that to avoid Aquaplaning on urethane wheels, you can try using a lathe to modify some flywheels so that they’re safer to use in wet conditions. And zealous bearings for your best bet against rusty bearings
Something like this

Sorry for not replying earlier @anorak234 , @Michaelinvegas & @Luke The reason for doing that is that I had reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day.

Anyways, I have been doing a ton of research in the meantime and have come up with some sort of a parts list, no idea if the final price is accurate or not since I could not find the 99€ vescs and stuff, but I think it’s pretty close. So here goes…

1x Deck+Normal Trucks (2nd hand, drop through/down) = ~50€ 2x Vesc (@anorak234 said 99$ to 149$ per-unit) =~200€ 2x Motor (Turnigy Aerodrive SK3-6374-149kv = 167€ + (15€) Shipping 2x Battery (5000mAh 5S 25C Lipo) = 84€ + (^=0) 1x Controller (GT2B controller) = 22€ + (^=0) 4x Wheels, 8x Bearings (Trampa 8" Hypa wheels) = 120€ + 10€ Shipping Misc (Gears, motor mount, belt/chain) = ???

--------------- Total without shipping = 643€ --------------- Total with shipping =~ 668€ ^Not including Misc parts, guesstimating ~100€

------------ -------------Total Total = ~ 768€ But if the Trampa 8" Hypa wheels don’t work with normal trucks, then I will have to buy Trampa trucks aswell, or choose different wheels. So… 2x Trucks (Trampa Infinity Carve) = 140€ + (would ship with the Trampa wheels… So shipping included)

--------------- Total with Trampa trucks= 908€

Edit: I can try to stretch the budget out a little bit… But the closer to the original budget = the better. I don’t want to compromise on quality tho, no point in buying crap parts and having them break a week later.

Wow! Nice step up, I love the list. All reliable parts from what I’ve seen, and that motor is going to give you an incredible amount of torque. Keep in mind if you go dual drive it may be a good idea to go dual diagonal, there’s a couple of threads that can compare benefits of that. Drop through/down will be interesting as far as electronics go, but if the hypa wheels work out then it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, since you’re planning for this to be more mountainboard style then you may want to consider adding bindings and mounting the electronics on top of the board. Great job with research!

^Not including Misc parts, guesstimating ~100€

Realitly this will be 500$ or something like that, unless you make everything yourself.

A few gears and a metal slab to put a motor on and a chain/belt to connect them = 500€ ? That doesn’t seem right… Or then the prebuilt parts are just stupid expensive.

if you want cnc made custom mounts … if you make it yourself it’s just some aluminium and man hours ofcourse

Maybe it’s a little bit too much but still 100 dollars seems way to low. Or maybe I buy expensive stuff …

You seem intent on wanting a ferrari for the price of a fiat. That’s not the way to do it. You’ll end up spending more in the long run or end up with an unreliable/dangerous board… but that’s your choice.

Just take everyone’s advice that it’s a lot more expensive than you think but and you should budget for that… but you’ll find out soon enough once you start putting everything together.

I’m pretty sure I could copy something from here, people are making motor mounts for <20€ and yet they seem to be holding up pretty well. I have no problems with spending time on a project like this, but there is not much room for error, if I break something I might very well not have the money for a replacement, that is why I have yet to buy the parts and want to make sure that everything seems perfect on paper.

Edit: Whoops, forgot to add the link to the thread I was referring to.

I really do not understand why you would be saying that the board will end up being unreliable/dangerous :confused: . I tried to select reliable parts, that should last me a very long time, for example I could get cheaper wheels but I know that the hypa wheels wont break on me nearly as easily, so I am willing to spend more on them. But please do tell me if there is something I should improve on, I am trying to make the most out of my money.

And if this is about the motor mount, then I suggest you check out the thread I linked, the motor mounts those people are using seem to be holding up pretty well. Then again I am new to all of this so I could be wrong, I am open to constructive criticism :slight_smile:

I will also need a charger, completely forgot about that. Would this charger work and is it a good choise for my batteries? Edit: I also need a way to turn the board on/off, suggestions?

I have yet to decide weather I will be adding bindings or not, if I have enough room underneath the board I will mount the electronics there first, and try using the board without bindings, and if I feel like I need to use bindings I will then add them and put the electronics in between them.

Charger is fine, I’m using the same one. For the switch you could buy one, or just disconnect your batteries at night (which might interfere with the enclosure. Switch