Building another board 5 years later. Help

So I currently have a 20t Pully on a 170 KV motor with a 36T pulley on roughly 100 mm wheels. I built this board roughly 5 years ago and have ridden it maybe 50 miles it had since been stored. The current board is a 6S board 1wd with no real battery dedicated to it, just a couple of random LIPO’s that I throw in there to ride every once in a while. So I am planning on making a 12S5P 18650 pack and building a new board 2WD belt. And for the current board making a 6S6or10P pack that will be sealed with BMS. My goal with having such a large pack is the ability to go where I want without having to worry about battery life.

So to my question, dual motor set ups obviously have better breaking, it seems that you lose a little mileage but not much (is this correct?). What kinda of Gearing for someone my weight, roughly 130 pounds. I’m looking max speed of maybe 25-30 mph but am unsure if a 75 amp pack with 100 amp burst be adequate hub motors seemed to have taken a giant leap forward thoughts on them, I’m looking for pure performance, possibly traveling to ride.

Lastly does anyone know if the Torque board Vesc supports the Bluetooth adapter or if their vesc is any good? Or should I go with something else for stats perhaps some of the firefly or custom remotes?

I want to be able to ride some public trails with my girl and get out, the Covid has put a damper on our outings.

Just a little background on me I know how to CAD model pretty well And have an Ultimaker 2+ and will be printing quite a bit of the pieces needed for the battery compartment etc.

that’s not really true… for example, if you only have one motor & its really struggling it could be pulling more current & operating inefficiently

You could definitely optimize a dual drive system to run more efficiently than a bad single motor.

2 motor builds are probably the most common build these days.

The gearing will really depend on the size of the wheels, and a few other variables, Sound like you want to go with a more off-road / all-terrain style build…

Have you considered just buying a prebuilt? yeah yeah, I know this is a DIY forum, but buying a pre-built platform that can be upgraded later with better components is becoming a rather compelling option and its a good way to make all this happen much faster…

Check this out: I think it’s got a 500wh battery… so slightly less then what you are looking for.

Then maybe later upgrade the ESC to get a bit more punch?

So I forgot to mention I already have 120 Samsung 30q. Also by trails I was referring to paved trails. I kitesurf and have a mountainboard that I use with my kites, the electric option on that is a fun idea, but I’d like to start with a skateboard frost for something my girl and I can do together(trails would not appeal to her) I like the prebuilt boards some and I could afford a prebuilt but I’m in no rush. I live in Florida, so the weather is just starting to get nice. I also like back fires decks a lot! With the integrated wire in the laminate.

be sure to check all the builds others have done, the normally list their gearing rations & battery specs too

If you want a good ESC contact Dexter with torqueboards about his vesc 6 he is working on. It’s been tested for the last few months and is very robust. Way better then the 4.12 variants or those bootleg vesc unities listed by the massive wanker above.

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Price point you think? Dexter is who I bought all my stuff from 5 years ago before he rebranded to torque boards.

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I never payed the quote, but a month ago he quoted me 120 a piece for the new ESC’s, so like 240 total for both. And that would also be USA shipped and not China shipped like the unity, or maytech, Flipsky, or maker X

What are you running for solid motors now? On my single motor board I am running the DIY electric skateboard motor (their original) 5065 170KV 2200W. I’m running it uncensored on a hobby wing esc With a wiireceiver remote haha. The Wii remote back then was bad ass, but now I definitely want one of the new remotes.

I’m still using SK3’s for most of my builds, they are definitely not the best but work well with a few upgrades. I’ve had really bad luck with Flipsky motor quality. But hear good things about Dexters motors, it sounds like he makes minor improvements every batch he orders so they keep getting better. Definitely go dual 63mm motors if you wanna feel some real torque.

For remotes the Hoyt puck seems to be loved by the community. And reliable as frig. I still am using a GT2B with sparkle mod and it’s never given me problems.

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