Building e, mountainboard

Im building a electric mountain board and have pritty much got everything together. But the motors ive got are a high KV and are only cheep from ebay. Im wanted to know if anyone knows good high spec motors to use, and were from??? And what KV do you sergest? Im looking for about 25 to 30 mph but good torch to go across grass? I have 2 esc foc boxes fro enertion and 2 @ 5000 4s im running parrel but plan to buy 2 more. I have a 10000 1s comeing from alien power systems but are still waiting.

APS, KEDA, SK3 Maytech… see which one you can afford all are good

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What about your batteries? Two 4s in parallel? A 1s on the way? 6s is the minimum voltage for Esk8 10s is most common 12s is maximum

Thanks fellas, ill have a look at the motors! But what KV do you surgest??? Ive got it all hooked a long board at the mo. But soon as i get it all working, im going to program the ESC tomorow. Im going to transfer it to my mountain board. Ill post some pics soon. Going to make my own motor mounts for the infinity trucks.

I have a pair of trampa infinity truckes! And want to shorten the axle so i can get rid of the spacer? Anyone know how i can do this???