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Building my first board

Hello, Im not 100% if my build is solid. So i was wondering if someone could help me with my order. Im planning to buy this. And i was wondering what else do i need? wiers? and i see this XT60s or 90s? what do i need?

Single Motor Mechanical Kit (from DIY)
Controller: Nano controller by TQ
MOTOR: Electric Skateboard Motor 6374 230KV 3200W from DIY
Batteries: 10s lipos
Charger: ?

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At first glance it looks okay to me.

I haven’t done much research on lipos or their chargers since my charging situation is totally different (as I’m doing an 18650 build with a BMS), so I can’t guide you there, sorry.

You may need some wire depending on how you’re planning on mounting everything and if you need to go longer than the wires that come with the battery, VESC, and/or motor. XT60s or 90s (your choice, and there’s many other options as well) would probably also be needed in that case.

Something to think about is maybe an anti-spark connector or even switch for when you plug in your batteries.

thank you, i have orderd all that now. only problem i have left is that it costs me 200 dollars to get 2x5s lipos and a charger beacause of shipping. Is 18650 a cheaper option?