Building my first eboard can someone help me?

So I’m building my first own electric skateboard and I have a few questions if the parts that I chose are correct. Also maybe you have some advice for a better alternative I’m totally open for that.

So I’m building the whole skateboard myself, I already build the deck and now it’s time for the electric part :slight_smile:

I was thinking about buying this hub motor, the 90mm version. It also includes the remote and ESC so that’s all good I think? The seller told me that it goes about 30 km/h can someone confirm that?

Now the part were I’m having trouble with is the batteries, What batteries are good for this build? I read a lot about lipo en li-ion batteries but I’m not that good with currents and how much power it needs etc. I hope someone can help me to chose a right battery :slight_smile: I don’t want to do much soldering or stuff so I thought lipo is good for me.

Different things like casing for the esc and battery I’ll 3D print myself. Is there something I’m still missing?

Thanks in advance I hope someone can enlighten me.

That hub set is okay, you’ll basically have an old Meepo if you use it, but I have no idea if the seller is good. You can find this on eBay and get help with any issues because the seller is a forum member for the same cost.

For the battery, I’d say a 7s3p or 10s2p VTC5 pack from someone on the forum, should go 12 miles per charge and have a ton of power…will run you another $2XX for that


You may be better off buying a complete board with warranty though at that price

I can build you a battery pack for cheap. Just let me know. I dont mind helping you figure out what you need either

my advice wouuld be to go for the 90mm hubs (extra powaaah) and get a 10s battery. you could go for lipo’s but they’re more complicated to charge.

personally i’d get a 10s3p battery made out of samsung 30q cells, you should get some decent mileage out of that. if you live in a hilly area i’d get a 10s4p.

Thank you for your reply! That ebay page has pretty interesting stuff. I will look into the batteries 12 miles is ok for me I think

Thanks! I heard lipos can be a struggle to charge I will look into those batteries. Are you by any chance dutch? I’m looking for a good website that sells those batteries and ship to The Netherlands.

I’m about to part out my raptor 2.1. If you are interested. https://forum./t/wts-parting-out-raptor-2-1-eu/2579/25

I don’t know if the Enertion Hubs work well with another ESC than Unity/Focbox so maybe someone can answer this.

Btw i’m from germany and not that far from the NL Boarder. So you could pick it up /inspect before buying.

Yes, i’m from rotterdam, i’ll send you a PM