Building my first Longboard

Hi Community, Currently I’m trying to build an electric mountain board. Custom deck which will be designed around the battery, and well everything. Having a few issues though. Here’s a parts list I have atm:

-2x FocBox Unity -4x TORQUE CNC Trucks (Baseplate, Truck, Bushings, Axles Included) -4x 63mm Motor Mounts V6 -4x 36T KEGEL Pulley Combo Kit 15mm -4x 110mm TORQUE Wheels -4x 6380 170KV Motors -2x V6 Support Bar + Support Bracket -Hoyt Puck

I’m not sure what else I’m missing to be honest.

Also for the battery I was thinking on using 4x 6s 22000mah but I’m not sure about parallel or series. If anyone knows alot about batteries, I’d be grateful for help. I’m looking for speed and range.

The motors will be able to be changed from 4wd to 2wd for the range through a switch on the board.

My budget currently lies at 3500€ but I’d be willing to spend around 4500€ total if necessary.

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Designed around the battery? Elon? Is that you?

Wow, 44 amp hours of battery at 12s. Thats gonna give you plenty of range. I’m guessing you have some Rc aircraft experience if you’re shooting for a build with great big Rc drone packs. And unless you’ve already purchased them, I’d recommend against using prismatic cells. They are easily damaged and will need great care in handling. Never charge them while you’re snoozing and the best thing would be a fire proof safe to store them in a garage or someplace where a whole lot of smoke wont hurt anything or anyone should things go wrong.

I just dont think its a great idea to have 4 22ah packs being bounced around in a mountainboard, but thats up to you.

You’ll need to parallel connect 2 of them, then series connect those parallel connections. Its less than ideal since you’ll either be using 3 wiring harnesses or doing some slightly dangerous soldering of battery leads. And then theres the issue of charging them. You’d either have to buy 12s JST-xh connectors and move the individual balance leads into a new harness or charge 4 6s packs either individually or in parallel.

Which leads us to the next issue. Parallel charging any lipo packs can be dangerous if you’re not very mindful of the process. Those packs need to be at similar states of charge to be hooked up in parallel. Check out some youtube videos on parallel charging and you’ll see what I mean.

Basically if you accidentally hook up one 6s pack at full charge and one thats at storage charge in parallel you get a huge rush of current and it can actually heat up and destroy the solder traces of one of those parallel charge boards.

If you do decide to use those parallel charge boards do get the one with fuses both on the main leads and the balance leads.

Take some time and think it over. Do some googling. I know not everyone is up to the sometimes scary task of spot welding and there are options for cylindrical cells like 18650 or 26650.

Theres a battery kit from a company called Vruzend that goes together like legos. Albeit very snug fiting lipos but thats a good thing.

Whatever you choose, get lots of advice before you shop.


Oh wow damn. Okay thanks for letting me know. I did drone builds before (X class) and rc cars and that. This would be my first ever longboard build as is in the title and thank you so much for your help. Yeah when I charge lipos I never snooze and keep a watchful eye on them anyways. Did have one go up in flames and explode. I’ll go check out the company Vruzend but the biggest problem with the battery packs is usually shipping since I’m in germany and idk. Somehow its pretty complicated.

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Missing enclosure.


For the battery? That’s being built into a custom deck

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Oh fancy fancy.

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you should be able to buy the cells directly from a wholesale agent iff you plan on using the Vruzend option. also i’m sure there a custom battery builders who ship to germany. i don’t know all the names so someone else could add them. i believe apex boards based in the uk is an option though. aslo even iff you switch of the 4wd and only use 2wd the belts and motors that arent being controled will still cause friction meaning that it will not be able to have the same range as when you’re board would be an authentic 2wd. i also suggest looking up some video’s and asking some people who have ridden 4wd boards about the handling. from what I have been able to tell it is different from a 2wd board. good luck and have fun.

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