Building my first mountain-board when limited choise of parts

Hello and sorry for my English))) I wanted to buy mountain-board (Raldey Carbon AT V.2) as present to birthday (to me from me :upside_down_face:) but Raldey doesn’t delivery their boards to Ukraine because of COVID19. Similar situation with other manufactures. After some days of searching i decided to build that on my own (a have good experience with electronic).

So, i want to build the mountain board with >150mm wheels, maximal speed no less of 35km/h and range >30 km (on mixed mode). Water resistant. I’m 93kg/190cm.

At first I need to choice a deck. Available variants:

First is the cheapest. Is that enough for me?

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Which trucks do you plan on using? That will determine the board I think. I am currently trying to match a deck with my Matrix II trucks. Looking for angled tips. 30 degrees.

Thank for the first reply))) I still don’t choice trucks. Which would you recommend (for wheels ~190mm)?

I bought my first set of trucks here:

Those were pretty good. Not bad for the price.

Then I switched to the Matrix II, more expensive though, and needs a special deck to accommodate the pitch angle of the trucks.

And how to choice trucks? Which parameters of the deck I need to use? I really have limited choice of the deck (because of problems with delivery into Ukraine).

Bro pm me… 10chocoloclo

Ps welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum, BrMisha.

I like the first one. Is that a heated enclosure for the battery? Snow way!

VOLOKNO DIY Electric Skateboard Parts (

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Howdy o/ bro

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How long do you want the length of the trucks?

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Meh scuzzi? How long do you want your what? Width gentleman. Then girth.

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