Building my own electric hub motor

Recently, I’ve noticed that there aren’t many companies selling hub motors separately anymore. The only two company that still sells right now is hummie hubs and torque boards. I bought the torque boards hub motor from diyelectric, and was honestly disappointed. Being a single drive, it had quite enough power, but the build quality was horrible and it ended up having several issues. I’m sure hummie hubs are better in build quality, but I just want the motor and not the trucks (plus I dont want to spend another 250-300). I did quite some research into this topic and I want to make my own hub motor. I have a background in machining and engineering so I think I can pull it off. From what I understand, you need the stator, wire, magnets, outer enclosure, bearings, and the actually wheel portion. Does anyone know where I can order some of these parts? Any advice?

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You’d have to build a lot of them for it to make more sense than buying ore made ones

Man, you have to search, this topic already exists

Have a look at my thread, the black beauty. I’ve got some hub motors being made for me 90kv sensored and 90mm.

Post a link to your thread. Never mind I’ll do it for you.

Have you checked out Carvon’s Direct Drive Hub Motors? those are sold individually, and I think they are by far much better than anything else out there right now since they don’t require you to bore into the wheel, plus, with the way they are set up on the axle, you then aren’t putting all the weight on the motor, but on the wheels/trucks, like a normal board setup. Really the biggest downside too these motors is the cost, at $600 for the V4 Speed Drive Race version, or $700 for the VR Speed Drive XL Torque version, which is a larger version of the first motor i mentioned, but slightly less speed, but more torque. And these boards, with a 2WD setup you can do about 40mph and with the 4WD setup you can do about 50mph… and people are getting upwards of 20+ miles in range, so they really are the number one engine in my opinion. I haven’t seen these black beauty’s, I’m about to read this link, they look pretty sweet from that pick though. Given Carvon is the only company that is doing engines that way, I have been thinking about how to produce my own engine as well… I hope we can all learn something about doing this successfully!