Building my very own electric skateboard please help

Hello, I will be trying to build my own electric skateboard but I will need some help for decision making, i am reading as much as i can but there are still holes to fill so i am wondering if there are an irc or someone on skype/facebook or any other program that i could add and could be somewhat an advisory, just someone who could answer my many dumb questions. I understand that this forum is very suitable but I don’t wanna clog the forum with my stupid questions for now :slight_smile:

For example i am trying to start buying parts now, (since they aren’t cheap) and i’m gonna buy a vesc from ( but do i buy it just as is or do i add XT60 connector with the purchase or do i add XT60 cable and 6pin JST for nunchuck.

And should i buy this one also while i’m at it? Sparkprotection Power Switch

Kind regards

You can buy it as is if u know how to solder your own connector on. I would just go all they way and get all of the add ons… You can purchase the power switch if (again) you don’t know how to solder. As a replacement for the switch you could do an XT90S loop key.

If soldering is not your strong point you could always learn, it really Isint that hard