Building myself a dropdown commuter 107mm with ABECs from Evolve

As the title says im building myself a commuter. i want it to be real reliable and have at least 12mile range. I have my board, wheels, trucks and gearset on the way. I need some advice as to what ESC, batteries and motor to run. I wanna use a single motor and have 12/35 gearing on its way and 107mm wheels. I guess this means im gonna need a pretty torquey motor (i live on a 30 degree hill) so torque and reliability ar the most important factors for me atm. any setup suggestions?

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Was thinking of using this ESC, anyone familiar with these units??

And for the motor, i was thinking of 6374 190kv, need to be able to get the parts in Australia because im inpatient :smile:

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Hey bro, sounds like you have some knowledge on this already, so that helps. I would recommend a dual setup with VESC or FOCbox, because this will provide you with top notch torque and performance. As for batteries, perhaps a 10s4p or if you really need power 12s4p liion battery pack. If you are on a budget, 3x 4s Zippy lipos should do the job and give you about 15 miles of range. I probably should have asked this before but any budget caps or anything of that sort?

ive been researching this all day actually. I am thinking now that i would like to use the 6374 190kv single motor but its pointless using it without getting the volts up to 10s or 12s (i like the idea of 12s better )

Im also thinking that the zippy lipos might be my best option also. 4x 3s would be a good start. how would i charge these things actually?

Esc is now down to something that can run at 12S at around 110A

Yes lipos would be good. You could wire in a 12s bms, which is easy because there are a lot of threads about bms+lipos in this forum. Like I said before, a Vesc would be a better alternative, but FOCbox will be the best, because Enertion is located in AUS. If you are dealing with 30 degree hills, dual setup is a must have.

Ok, so now i have bought some zippy lipos, 4x 3s 2200Ah to be exact. Plan is to run at 12S Anyone got any advice on a good BMS/charger for this system?

for the ESC im tossing up between the focbox and this…

this will work with my LiPos right? then i just need a 48v charger?

noooooooo do not use those lipos. You’ll get maybe 10kms range. You need the 8000mah edition. Big mistake sir. Whereabouts in Australia are you? dm me!!

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and easy decision between those 2 is the focbox 100%

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Im having problems finding a good battery balance charger for those batteries actually. Im thinking i might buy three more and do a 9s6p system. Any good 9s gear around aus?

They ship directly from china so no advantage there I’m afraid but saying that the focbox is a great esc. (I have 4) and is far superiour to the other option.
@samuelsleepy you really need to consider what you want this build to achieve. Are you a heavy person? Is it just for commuting and if so what kind of commuting? Is it a last mile thing or the total journey solution?
Oh and anything for 30 degree inclines will need two motors period. Any advice on the motors will depend on the answers to the other questions posed.

Ok so ive been heavy duty into sourcing parts for this project today and researching at the same time. So far i have… 1 drop down 40 inch AWOL deck 1 set of caliber trucks 10’’ 1 set of 107mm wheels Belt pulley (12 - 35) and motor mount kit (i can make this work with the calibers) 1 6374 190 kv Flipsky motor I got the IONX ESC also from above (i know the focbox is better, i just like doing thing different) And i have 4x 2200Ah zippys 3S1P

Was planning on using it to get to work and back (8km total distance) and im not really fussed with speed or acceleration being phenominal. I do have a couple steep hills to navigate though. Happy to try this setup and maybe add another motor later though, either way ive been using a board with no motors so far so one is a huge upgrade already!

Take that sk3 motor 190kv and a focbox with a 10s3p Samsung 30q pack and you will go fast!

At the groupsride this Sunday in gent. I go faster uphill than the boosted boards etc…

Btw: I was using a 15t-36t config with 107mm

now im trying to sort my battery/charger setup. I was orginally planning on using a 12S4P to get me 8800Ah which should be good enough. i like light weight.

having a hard time finding an easily obtainable 12s charger and bms though. Now im wondering if im better off to get another three 3S1P 2200mAh zippys and use a 9S8P system that would be 17600mAh then use 9S charger and BMS. Could i use a 10S setup and somehow trick it to thinking that battery is charged somehow?

Just search 50.4 volt charge brick on eBay, they are easily obtainable

You will definitely have skipping issues with a 12T motor pulley and a single motor. Also, don’t waste money on an ESC w/o any warranty. Trust me from experience, I bought multiple car ESC’s, then the VESC 4.12 and I broke all of them. Then I upgraded to a FOCBox and they have worked great. I have broken FOCBoxes too, but it is my own fault for pushing the ERPM limit w/ 260KV motors. Just make sure you set your ERPM limit to 60k.

If price is the concern, I would recommend getting generic 97mm wheels over the ABEC11 107mm wheels. While these wheels are nice, the money would be better spent on a high quality motor mount and drive train setup such as one from @marcmt88 on his website I have found that idler pulleys make a HUGE difference with a single motor build.

Finally, li-po batteries can be very hit or miss, especially from Hobbyking. If you buy these batteries, buy at least 1 extra so when you do blow a cell you don’t have to wait 2-3 weeks to get it replaced.

For your first build I would recommend using a hobby charger instead of a BMS. It is a pain to remove the enclosure to charge, but I have found that li-po batteries get dead cells so often so often that it is a good idea to check out your batteries on a regular basis anyway.

Have you put any thought into an enclosure?

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That’s not entirely true. You will typically have skipping with a small motor pulley and a large wheel pulley. A 12/36 gear setup works surprisingly well with 265mm belt properly tensioned. Its what I use on my single motor bustin pintail. I’ve experimented on other builds as well. Just don’t use 12/44t or something outlandish.

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You are probably right. I think my tension was always a little too loose before I upgraded to idlers and a 15/37 gear ratio, but I really enjoyed the low friction from loose belts.

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Number of Lipo Cells - 12 Motor kV - 190 Efficiency (%) -70% Battery volts 44.4 Motor RPM 8436 Weighted Motor RPM 5905


|Motor Pulley Teeth - 12 |Wheel Pulley Teeth - 35 |Wheel size (mm) -107mm |Gearing ratio|2.92 : 1|

Top Speed Calculations

Top Speed 36.25 mph / 58.34 kph
Weighted Top Speed 25.37 mph / 40.84 kph

me thinks this will work alright. how can i calculate how many amps will be used with this setup?

the amps will change according to how much you accelerate, the size hills you go up, your weight, and the maximum motor amps you set in the VESC tool. Your SK3 6374 i think is supposed to draw 80A maximum (…?). So if you set your vesc to 80a motor amps and 40a battery amps you’re gonna almost be running your ESC at its maximum capability. Changing the motor amps changes the way the board accelerates and how much current it draws. So starting off i would probably recommend Motor max:50a Motor min: -50 and battery max 30 battery min -12. Thats what i started off with. As you gradually get more comfortable on the board, you can up the amps to get higher acceleration and braking.

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