Building off-road EScooter. Focbox or ebike controller?

Some of you already know what’s going on but I am considering using an ebike controller. Not really, I plan to use focbox sir controllable settings. And suggestions?

What motor, battery are you planning on using? How much power?

10s2p 10Ah 60C Lipo Focbox or EBike ESC Thumb throttle 190kv 6374 15/62 gearing 20” front wheel Dual 7” Evolve rear wheels Front hand brake


Ebike esc will probably be better for your application since I’m not sure about thumb throttles and vesc even though vesc will blow the esc out of the water in programmability and smoothness

I have already figured out how to wire the thumb throttle directly to the focbox so that isn’t an issue. I really can’t think of any reason I would prefer the ebike controller but figured I would ask just in case someone had a reason I hadn’t thought of.

Oh if that’s the case I totally recommend the FOCbox over the bike esc.

It’s basically just an eboard with a different “deck” and remote style

I am currently running dual focbox with 7” pneumatics and 6374 and love it. It’s a wicked ride but it’s not traffic friendly lol

Yea I read your other thread, I’d just go with the FOCbox and if you end up not liking it switch it out for the esc

How’d you do it?

Parts should be here next week. I’m going to post a build thread.

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Do you know does the e-Bike ESC has RPM limit? Is it going to be ok with 190KV motor and 10s battery? I konw that you will go with VESC but I’m just asking have you checked that?

Why isn’t it traffic friendly?

Driving a huge mountainboard in the streets of Chicago could be a bit of a challenge :joy:

Well if you could reach speeds of up to 30mph you’d just be going as fast as cars)) so don’t see a huge problem. I was asking cause I want to build a board with 6 inch tires and was hoping to use it on the streets.

If you saw a car going 30 in Chicago it’s gotta be a police chase… :joy:

Edit: in all seriousness, it’s probably becuase how unpredictable and stupid some Chicago drivers are

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190kv is perfect for 10s.

I should have said it’s not NYC traffic friendly. It’s to big for the tight traffic and having to dodge potholes that are 3-4” deep is nearly impossible. I’m sure someone would enjoy it but it’s just not for me.