Building something light and portable, are there any options for motors 40xx and below with kv enough for 6s on vesc?

Hey guys, like it says in the title. I’ve done a couple Google searches, and can’t seem to find anything below 50xx for motors with 2xx kv. Everything else seems to be in the 8xx kv range and higher. Anybody has any idea where I might find motors like that?

This is probably the closest you’ll get to that

You can only run it on max 5s, but that and 13/36T gearing will put you at about 20 mph, which is probably a good balance of speed and torque

its becuz. lower kv need more number coper wires to be winded. (correctly me if im wrong) for out runner it is hard to achive withe small spaces. u can rewind the motor to wye configuration will give you 1.7times less kv and more torque. its very easy u dont have to take apart the motor. just reconnection of the 3 phase wire. pls google this. (and also correct me if im wrong)

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Have a look on Alien Power Systems they might have some

My best option seems to be to get that turnigy motor and rewind it I guess. Thanks for the help guys!

I honestly think you can use it without rewinding. Unless you’re trying to climb really steep hills, it should have enough torque for flats and will get you good top speed.