Building stealthy eSkateboards from regular skateboard decks | N.E.S.E | CF integrated enclosure | different hub motors

My frist “real” testrun was successful and I was happy but when I returned home I wanted to check the remaining capacity. When I plugged in the antispark the electronics compartment started to smoke. After disconnecting the antispark I saw that the USB-Port had contact with the carbon case and melted. When I checked both vescs seperately both were unable to connect to the vesc tool :frowning: so I must have destroyed them. The cause was a worn down shrink tube at the connection between the two 5s3p halfs, it made contact with the hull resulting in 17V on the USB…

do you have another battery to at least test your stuff out on??

that sucks super hard dude :frowning:

Yeah it sucks :frowning: The battery is still in good condition but both VESCs are fried i’m afraid. Tried to connect to both of them via vesc tool but nothing happens. There are no lights on the VESCs too. It could have been worse, I just returned home from work by train :wink:

Here are some pictures of the almost finished board. Since the ESCs fried I have plenty of time to really finish it.bottomtopside


Almost ready for the last epoxy layer:


I removed all carbon on the inside so something like that can never happen again :slight_smile: Call me paranoid but I feel better now :smiley:

… and yes, it was a very long and loud procedure (used up a lot of sanding deltas) but it had to be.


Making progress:


the clear coat ruined the shiny epoxy look, but for now its ok. If I’m in the mood for sanding again I’ll make it nicer. As you can see I tried transparent grip so you could see the carbon structure but its not working. For now I leave it as it is but in the future I#ll remove it and replace it with regular black grip (and maybe some red accents) Today my new Flipsky VESCs arrived (way faster than I expected) so I drive a bit around later/tomorrow (hooray).

These belong to my future (winter) project: 2 I want to build a BLE/BT remote with display, analogue stick and (for now) two buttons with this nice ESP32 board, lets see how that works out :slight_smile: As you can see the board already has a 18650 holder on the back, a power switch, charging circuits (USB) and an oled display for useful information. Wanted features: Throttle and brake, holding left / right triggers the direction lights, one button triggers an acoustic signal for others

Greetings from ultrahot Germany, Michael


Wow, I’m surprised the clear coat made it less shiny, whenever I’ve used it it’s made it more glossy. Sorry for the bad advice that was just my experience, the boards coming along nicely though

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Don’t worry, maybe I did it wrong :smiley: it doesnt matter that much, I did the Carbon Fiber stuff for stability not for decoration :smiley:

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Metr recording (values make more or less no sense, it was 4 km max)

hmmm, I just disassembled my battery pack to measure every single cell but everything is in perfect balance. All cells were equal, only 3 cells of one 3p pack were 0.01V off. The Metr App constantly showed low voltage warnings so I wanted to find out if one of them was faulty resulting in voltage sag but everything is fine…

Update on the battery: After more irregularities with the Balance I decided to get a single cell charger with internal resistance measurement capabilities. I got the XTAR Dragon and used it to charge each cell seperately and checked the ir. I found suspicious cells and replaced them with new ones and now my pack is perfectly balanced and has no more heavy voltage sag :slight_smile: I can climb steep roads and everything so i’m happy. Here are some pics of the final thing, i call it Red Star :smiley: redstar2redstar1redstar3

Thanks to @rey8801 I will soon have brand new mad hubs with 74KV replacing these. I thought about getting the 130KV version but came to the conclusion that for me 36-38km/h are fast enough and I prefer torque over speed. I mostly went for the mad hubs because of the looks. I don’t like the look of the DIYeboard hubs, they’re too bulky for my likings, especially compared to my 195mm Paris V2 front truck. Now I’ll get another 150mm V2 for the hubs and everything will hopefully look more balanced and more stealth since the hubs look more like regular wheels. I’m curious :smiley:


Didn’t see it before. Nice I like the look!

I went through the all build log…a lot of work man. Respect! You should start to scan all the decks you can find :laughing:. For instance in my case I would love to have the Jet Spud scanned. You can buy and send back afterwords all the decks most used in ESk8 ahhahhaahahha

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:slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile: I would if it was my scanner :smiley:

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hey man I am rebuilding my battery pack and I want to test capacity and internal resistance of single cells. I can decide between these charger Maybe you know which one to pick it up. In case you have a link for a good price of one that you know that works please share it…Thx :wink: this one :slight_smile: it has electrodes Like a Voltmeter and works AS such plus showin IR

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Btw: Travelling again :wink: :sunny:



need a scan of the spud? I happen to own both a spud29 and a fancy Artec 3d scanner I use at my 3d printing business, I could try to scan it :slight_smile:

@visnu777 nice work, man! that’s a nice commuter you have there!


Please yes! I know other people that would love it to have it. I will share it with them too

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