Building stealthy eSkateboards from regular skateboard decks | N.E.S.E | CF integrated enclosure | different hub motors

The flipsky escs have known issues so I would be careful with them. I would not consider them reliable. The 4.12 vesc in general had some design issues. It’s usually ok if you run it in bldc at 10s, but it has issues in foc and 12s, unless it’s an upgraded one like chakas 4.12.

Some pics of my new head/tail lights:

ruecklicht r%C3%BCcklicht2 SAM_2386 SAM_2382 SAM_2388

I aim for the best stealth/useable factor possible. Tail light is already done and covered in several layers of epoxy. My head light is a Cree MKR (max 1000 [email protected]) which will be driven by a 1000mA pwmable current supply feeding on the main battery. It is so small that I will also thermoglue it to the front baseplate :slight_smile:


ahhh, finally the last epoxy coating is curing, tomorrow I’ll finish the deck once again :smiley: Its a pity that the Focboxes seem to be hold in customs though, I’ll have to use the FSESCs till I get them… With the Focboxes I will have enough space for 2 led current supplies, the Metr Pro, remote transceiver and battery display :slight_smile:

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Some more pics :slight_smile: Sanded: SAM_2391 Epoxy coating: SAM_2393

Stress testing :smiley: SAM_2394 SAM_2395 SAM_2396 SAM_2397

This first test was not bad but some water leaked inside. Now its drying and waiting for a second run (after some modifiactions of course :smiley:


IMG_20181214_174859_BURST001_COVER IMG_20181214_180129 IMG_20181214_204122


SAM_2405-01 SAM_2408-01 SAM_2406-01 Sadly I shredded the motors approximately 1 hour after the picture was taken :frowning: but I’ll rewind them :slight_smile:


If you are riding at night I would get a bike light and mount kt to your helmet for the front. The rear is awesome as you only need to others to see you are slowing down etc. At the front at that height, all it does is light up cracks that are too close to the board to do anything about. I hope this helps a bit and saves you a fall or two :slight_smile:

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Since yesterdays news of a legalization of plev in Germany stealth is not my highest priority any more so the headlights can be more visible :slight_smile:


I hope that Australia will follow soon. We exist in the grey here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Atm it totally depends on the individual cop, they could fine you lots of money if they really want to.

@City-Blade-101 I still owed you a video of the cruising capabilities, here it is:

I’m not used to take movies with my phone. sorry for the quality but maybe its good enough to see how it works. I can change lanes really quick and carve :slight_smile: I’m driving around 40km/h :wink:


Oh, hahaha yes that is a nice one, and thanx for sharing. I think we must have different riding styles because i cannot see sharp turrns like I like to do, but everything is perfect if you like it and feel good on your board. Today I got something on my mind, a vision, and my first thought was to share this idea with you and Alessio. I know you re doing diy wheels for hubs and i got another idea that could work very good(maybe better) to finally get some really solid urethanes…

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the idea is to use a good branded Wheel like Abec11 for ex. and cut out the core with cnc to fit on a hub motor

Maybe try with a clone wheels first. Is difficult thst you will get a perfect core vmwithout vibrarion like that. Plus a CNC that cuts for 65mm wheels width is not that easy to find it.

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yeah, surely trying on cheap wheels first, may a lathe is the right choice of tool for something like this

No a lathe doesn’t mill eccentric. It can but you need a really big lathe with 4 Jaws chuck. Maybe a powerfull laser is better.

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are you serious about the laser? I think a lathe you descriped is easier to find hahahaha

Not really because you will need to find a tool to cut tm in that way. I work on lathe, also a big one one and what you ask is rather not possible. Moreover because the PU is soft and won’t keep the shape once clamp it in the lathe. The laser whatever metal cutting company have it. Will they be willing to help you… Probably no, but same will be for the lathe. Your best best, friend or publish workshop Anyhow this is not the place to discuss of that. Make a thread if you want more advices from people :wink:


Thank you Alessio, but I do not want to try out for myself, I just had this idea i wanted to share specially with you(knowing you re working on a lathe) and visnu777(knowing he is working on urethanes for hubs). My thought was, when there are people in here who could do it, you or visnu777 where there right guys. Don’t get me wrong, but i am not that kind of maker like you guys are and that is the reason for sharing stupid thoughts like this :joy::joy::joy: I will not start a threat because your attention and explanation is more than enough for me to realize i was wrong again, but I will not stop thinking about innovation and you can be sure I will waste your time again if there are some stupid new thoughts on my mind. Peace my friend

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Never stop thining of new things. Everything is possible, you only have to decide if it is worth it. To me for custom PU sleeves for hub motors, what Micheal did is a great solution.

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