Building stealthy eSkateboards from regular skateboard decks | N.E.S.E | CF integrated enclosure | different hub motors

Oh wow id love to have this file.

working on it, me or @rey8801 will let you know


On eBay :wink: I found some German shops that have it in stock though.

Thx! at the end I found a good deal from Hobbyking. Is not the same model but the reviews online were all positive so I went for it :wink:

How much did u travel with that backpack and eboars together?

Been thinking about doing hitchhiking with eboard just not sure for how long with heavy backpack it is possible to travel.

A seperate trailer for bag would help but would make riding and carrying a lot more bulkky, so not sure if this is an option…

Maybe a bag with wheels included would work?

Most of it was by train i’m not sure if I actually want to hike with all the stuff. My eboard is more than 9 Kilos. I’ll try skatehiking though where I just have the empty backpack frame and my board and I just carry when the road is impossible to ride. Today I went for a 2x6km ride to buy 17,5 kg cat litter but it wasn’t a very pleasant thing, you feel the road much stronger than usual which made my back foot ankle hurt a bit. It was no problem for my carbon fiber construction so I can now say that it will hold under any condition :smiley: The bag with wheels should have good bearings which they usually don’t have.

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Yeh ive ridden with heavier backpack also… drastically pulls u down to ground more.

On a side note, if there is a frame for the bag, i guess it should be possible to fabricate wheel mounts for it and attach normal wheels for it. Next step wouls be to make it stable and turny enough…

Will keep this idea in mind. I guess thanks for helping figure it out one step further mentally :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :smiley:

I have a new plan for my board: Since I will soon have one set of 75 KV “Mad” hub motors I ordered MBS AT wheels for the front. I’ll scan them and create a sleeve for the hubs matching the front wheels. I will 3d print the model, use it as a protoype for a mold which I use to create a PU version of it. Additionally to this I’ll create a 12s1p (2x6s) Lipo Box which can be mounted instead of the cover for the electronics, similar to the MTB boxes sitting on top of the board (but way smaller), extending range and give more power for (light) offroad experiences. stay tuned :smiley:


I’ve wanted someone to try this for a while now, very cool!

I’ve never done this or similar stuff but i’m pretty optimistic (thanks to youtube :D) They won’t be perfect but will hopefully do for light offroad :slight_smile: Hummie wrote a lot about different PU types he tried for his hubs but I just hope it works…

Super cool idea…if you don’t mind I would like to have the scanned file of the wheels. Do you think you can also get a precise core dimension ecc…

Of course, I actually think I can upload it for the public since it is only a scan. I’ll try to get the core scanned as well :slight_smile:

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Perfect! That would be super usefull for a project I am making.

Ha funny this is your thread! Now I know where the drive comes from :+1:

Which width is your current trucks with the Diyeboard hubs? BTW From what Rey posted, you’d end up with 195mm total width when you mount MADs on 150mm Paris.

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hehe, I actually have two different sized front trucks for this just in case :smiley: I’m happy that i’ve found someone to whom it might be useful :slight_smile: I gave up hoarding stuff a long time ago, since then I try to give things away so others may use them :slight_smile:

My current setup:

SAM_2354 SAM_2357 SAM_2358

I managed to install the lights, after the daylight saving toggle I have to drive when its dark and without light its dangerous :slight_smile: My drive is upgraded to a dual Landwheel hub motor setup running at 50A/-60A motor and 45A/-10A battery for which I recently casted MBS AT style wheels on top of the sleeves (see diy casting thread) to fit the front truck with the real MBS AT wheels :slight_smile:


Guten Abend, that build and the idea to work it out like this is a good option. I could imagine future skaters will flip something like this on a handrail, to smith, 360 flip off hahahahaha… The only bad thing is the angle of the trucks! I bet this board curves not very well, so you have to install wedges underneath, to bring the trucks in line. Maybe next time you can install the wedges underneath the carbon fibre, that would be awesome…cant wait for the next build! peace

It works surprisingly well :). A friend of mine who owns a skateshop for a long time and has a lot of knowledge with longboarding can’t understand why it works :smiley: I can carve and still its stable at high speeds (my top speed was 62 km/h with a 2s Boosterpack (12s) and it still felt safe.) But nobody will bring this on a handrail, its 10 kilos :smiley: and I would probably kill that person :wink:


hahahaha…that handrail-talk was mostly meant as a joke so i was just kidding:joy:…I could imagine that setup with a much smaller battery pack, so it could be possible to flip it hahahahaha… …that sounds unusual to me, that the trucks are easy to handle with this angle, but hey, if it works for you its all more than good:wink: …the fact that its stable at high speeds sounds real, because if you cannot carve or turn ( my opinion) there is no more place for something like speed wobbles hahahahahaha

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