Building stealthy eSkateboards from regular skateboard decks | N.E.S.E | CF integrated enclosure | different hub motors

are you serious about the laser? I think a lathe you descriped is easier to find hahahaha

Not really because you will need to find a tool to cut tm in that way. I work on lathe, also a big one one and what you ask is rather not possible. Moreover because the PU is soft and won’t keep the shape once clamp it in the lathe. The laser whatever metal cutting company have it. Will they be willing to help you… Probably no, but same will be for the lathe. Your best best, friend or publish workshop Anyhow this is not the place to discuss of that. Make a thread if you want more advices from people :wink:


Thank you Alessio, but I do not want to try out for myself, I just had this idea i wanted to share specially with you(knowing you re working on a lathe) and visnu777(knowing he is working on urethanes for hubs). My thought was, when there are people in here who could do it, you or visnu777 where there right guys. Don’t get me wrong, but i am not that kind of maker like you guys are and that is the reason for sharing stupid thoughts like this :joy::joy::joy: I will not start a threat because your attention and explanation is more than enough for me to realize i was wrong again, but I will not stop thinking about innovation and you can be sure I will waste your time again if there are some stupid new thoughts on my mind. Peace my friend

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Never stop thining of new things. Everything is possible, you only have to decide if it is worth it. To me for custom PU sleeves for hub motors, what Micheal did is a great solution.

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yes…maybe Michael has still the best solution.