Building the beast battery. 12s6p 44.4v 15.6Ah

Beginning the build. After shopping around online, I found that I can only buy batteries within my country, Australia will not import lithium ion cells as of this year because they have been deemed “dangerous goods”. This was a headache for me because that meant I had to buy my cells at Australian prices, $12.46 per cell. 12.46 X 72 = $897.12 AuD. here’s the theoretical drawing of the battery itself.

I have built half already, do to injuries however I haven’t been able to work enough to buy the second half straight away,

Here’s the under side

By next fortnight I will start working again and finish this part of the battery. The next part of the build will be attaching the bms and a charging system. This is the 12s 80A bms, absolute monster

This bms will charge and discharge through the same port, so I will attach the charging system in parallel with the power switch to the board to ensure that when charging, power flows only into the battery. I will be using a low amp charger to ensure safe charging, this will take longer to charge the battery but the overall size of the battery will compensate for that, this will also increase the overall life span of the battery. I will continue to update as I progress.

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Ooh boy, that’s a steep price for a cell. What kind of cells were they? Ballarat Ebikes quoted $8.30 AUD each for LG HG2s for me

That doesn’t seem right. I just had a 12s3p sent to me and I’m in Australia.

Lithium ion 18650 cells, 3.7 volt 2600mah. Jay car electronics is where I got them. I was able to get a 10s3p from enertion sent to me but I wanted to build my own battery, so I bought my own cells.

I am sorry to say but I think you got ripped off. Did you actually spend 900AUD on cells? The cells you got also seem to be bad quality ones - I don’t know any blue ones that are suitable for esk8ing. What model are they?

Possibly these ones. They don’t seem to list any discharge rates :thinking: . But running 6p means it may be ok?

I just paid $14.50 (AUD) per cell for 24 A123 26650 from Marsen in Perth. They’ve been great to deal with so far, but that’s just up to the point of me handing over the $$$$ so lets just see what shows up :grimacing:. Was planning on going for Hobbyking lipos, but watched too many exploding youtube videos…

I liked it better when 1 AUD == 1 USD.

Powertech sb2308. Same specs as the Samsung 25r cells in enertions space cells except a slightly higher nominal voltage and amp hour. I bought a test one and discharged it at a higher amp and it kept cooler that the ones out of my fiik mini skateboard so I’m happy with them, I would have bought better ones over seas but yeah they’ll do

I suggest asking here on the forum next time you make a deal this big. You lost a lot of money with this I think. @lox897 and other Aussies should be able to help you out finding much cheaper parts like the ones you ordered.

That’s an absolute rip off. I got 30 cells from NKON for $130. You’ve overpaid heaps. And no, if the battery vendor is licensed, they are able to send batteries from overseas.


They are far from the specs of a 25R. max discharge 8A - even at 6P you are pushing it. If I were you I would not even buy the second half of that pack - waste of money

Even now it’s his money, it hurts me.

Alrighty, considering this, 8x6 is 48 so the max discharge I’ll safely get from it would be 48amps, so I’ll use a 6s 20 amp bms, leave the battery at 6s6p and use it for a slow long range build later on, might not even be a skateboard actually. Samsung 25r’s are on their way, shipping with zedex so it’ll be a while, what’s annoying is that I tried earlier this year and at the checkout part they said they won’t ship, oh well

dimensions of the full pack?