Building the Spine 2.0 by Faraday Motion. Pink is faster!

Faraday Saturday! I’m excited to show you what we have been up to this Weekend. The new Spine is the fastest model that has been built so far.

Faraday Motion team at work. Well, part of the team. Pink is faster!

Normally, Spine comes with battery on the back. This time, battery pack(10s) was placed under the deck. Some parts were newly designed - that made it fun challenge to assemble as well.

Stay tuned for more updates :wink:



Interesting Way to control the throttle on the board…

A bit hazardous for the phone though eh?

Look pretty cool to ride … Will need to give a Onda board a go some day @aikokami

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Obviously because there’s so much red in pink. Red has been proven to provide a 20% increase in performance to anything its applied to, including the color white.

Awesome video!


Lol post it up in the for sale section bud

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