Builds that crack 30mph 48kph go here

Dual 1350 inrunner, 8s, 8:1 ratio gear drive, 70mm wheel, chromoly chassis race board. 3 link Radius rod steering.


Beautiful car, can’t really tell there is a board in the pic though.


Break 30 on the flats with these tires, my urethane is calculated for 40mph when I get the time to machine the wheel mounts. Duel vesc’s and 6063 Sk3’s 213kv 10s 5p Samsung 25r 5inch skikes ( terribly inefficient )


Looks fun. How wide are your trucks and who makes them?

@MoeStooge They are MBS Atom mountainboard trucks, and 15.5 inches wide!

@JohnA that’s hauling the mail on a big wheel board for sure :+1:

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Dropped the rear stear to 2 deg. Broke 40mph on gps and finally held the throttle wide open. The race board rode straight and stable. The reward was the math was very close. Time to add some gear. Next goal 45. :checkered_flag:


@MoeStooge Can you explain the steering mechanism of your board?

It looks very unique!

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I wasn’t happy with the axle walk that the trucks had and developed this three link steering system from my background in open wheel oval track racing. Easiest way to explain: Axle pivots off an adjustable heim joint that allows ride height adjustment and also controls the track centerline of the axle. Two adjustable radius rods are mounted to pick up points on the axle and frame triangulating the axis that the axel rotates on. Raise the radius rods on the frame pickup points and this increases the steering. Lower to reduce steering. This setup reduces axel walk to zero and allows me full adjustability of front and rear axles. I can make it turn a 9’ circle or flatten the radius for controlled high speed turning. No dampener on this run but in the works.


@MoeStooge Sounds really good. I hope you make it one day to explain it in details with maybe some tips on how to make such axles at home too…

Do you also need to weld some parts or you can mount them using other options, such as screws etc?

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Yea, hand fabrication and welding required. I have a bolt on version, should be done in a week or two for wood deck application.

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Im pretty sure its hard to control a board at that speed isnt it?

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My experience has been, as rear stear is decreased, stability increases. My 36mph run had 8deg of rear stear and was unstable. With 2deg of R stear 40 felt as stable as 20mph.

My Raptor 1.5 can crack 48

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Those are some serious drag radials :wink:

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Nice…what’s the raptor deck like for vibrations have some shitty roads round here but thinking of upgrading to a lighter board.

Its horrible for vibration. like its a great board. its super fast. But it is super stiff. if you dont like vibrations dont get carbon fibre.

I’m actually selling mine because It’s too hard and too fast for me.

Fair enough I’ll stick with my wooden land yacht deck then,sounds like the horrible ride out weighs the fact the board is lighter"no pun intended"

Put a disclaimer on that when you sell it. It’s a killer for sure :metal:. Do the hub motors with the rubber sleeves add to the vibrations?

i’d say so. I have added pig piles soft risers under the trucks and they definitely make an improvement.

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