Built in taillight

Hey Guys. So I’m a deck with a built in taillight/brake light. Do you think people would want decks like this??


it depends if people have a wooden deck and also how bright the light is


Well it’s my own wood deck design and build. The lights going to have 7 red LEDs. Different patterns and all come on for braking. I wanna start building Decks with electronics imbedded out of wood. Even Cncing my entire battery enclosure out of same wood pattern!:wink:. Lined with prepreg. Can’t wait!.


you should share this over at forums. esk8. news (just remove the spaces) you will have more people over there and better support/ideas/help than here. Cheers!

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Thanks. I posted one time on there and received a waterfall of negativity. Thanks though. :+1:

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Well that is suprising! We are very open about what we think over there, if a design is bad or can be greatly approved or a better alternative already exists then we will say it. What is your username over there?

i think some people like the all in 1 look and very nice work btw. Big thing i want to see is REACTIVE lighting. brakes and turn signals sound silly but could be a life saver. Would be awesome if they looked cool too and didnt get in the way.

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@Ricco is doing that with his ttl module https://forum./t/teltail-lights-ttl-interactive-eskate-lighting-system/1594


Impressive work bro, but I do agree that you would get a whole lot more activity over at the news forum


Head over to esk8 news :wink:

Seems these lights are shining upwards, wouldn’t that blind someone else?

Join us… Forum dot esk8 dot news

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Im ghost building a fortress of Colorado companies and Boards behind the scenes. I’ll be back when it’s time for show and tell.:+1:.

Is it a taillight company? Seems like an odd thread to announce this.

You should move to the alive forum mentioned above.