Bulk Buy app - thoughts?

instead of using a spreadsheet would there be any interest in a bulk buy app?

I’m thinking some initial features:

  • post up a bulk buy in the app and it gives a B.B. id
  • post the Id on the forum, people then register interest through the app
  • as details and pricing emerge participants are notified with push notifications and email
  • participants can opt out or confirm their interest once details are finalised
  • once numbers are reached the B.B. creator is notified
  • potentially include payments at this point
  • status and numbers interested/paid are visible from the B.B. overview
  • creator can update status to paid and notifications go out
  • notification when goods arrive
  • could include a map with locations of participants to make pickup and transport easy to coordinate
  • include location and times for pick up, include messaging system to coordinate logistics
  • mark off participant as collected


How would it be better than Massdrop?

Was not aware of it, won’t be reinventing the wheel… I had a bit of a search and didn’t find anything. Cheers

Edit - had a quick look and it doesn’t look like it solves the same problem.

That’s more handled by them as a “vendor”, what I have in mind is to facilitate the current bulk buy process organised by an individual acting as a buyers agent I guess.

This is also not specific to esk8, my other hobby (beer brewing) often bulk buy ingredients.

I’ll look into it a bit more

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I’m not sure totally how massdrop works, but anything new would need to be better. How would the trust system be solved? Might there be a third-party vendor who keeps funds in escrow? Or a feedback system?

Yep both options but also how do you trust someone now? Bit of blind faith involved currently with peer bulk buys. Generally they are run by known members