"Bull Bars" for E-Toxx Spur Gear Drive aka DIRECT DRIVE on Trampa Channeltrucks

Hey Riderz,

in corporation with @Duffman we have a Beta Batch of an “Bull Bars” Drive Protection

Using finest 7075-T6 Aluminium Direct fit on all Trampa Channeltrucks Fits for Mini Direct Drive AND Direct Drive with 63mm Motors

Direct Drive with APS 6384 on 8Inch wheels :

MINI Direct Drive with SK3-5985 on 6.5Inch wheels :

This is a BETA Batch of 6 Units asking 50€ (VAT will be added for EU customers) International Shipping 20€ EU Shipping 10€ DE 5€

Let me know what you think about this product …

Cheers from Nowind aka “bored to death” :sunglasses::joy::sunglasses:

Hang Loose


Ah duuuuuude so glad to see you putting your rest time to good use! This is an amazing innovation - I’m sure @rich will take one off your hands after his previous misfortune!! :crazy_face:

Hey, I don’t suppose you have anything in the works for the underside of the drives do you to protect the gearboxes from damage against curbs etc or in my case the ability to be able to hit rails, ledges etc without damage? This could even be added into this design.

Just an idea to break up the boredom :joy:

I hope you’re healing well by the way brother :crossed_fingers:t3:


The fact that this has holes already in both ends tells me that we should find a way to add small wheels to it and go pull some serious wheelies


Lol wheelie bar…

On a real note. I’ll take some in blue. Lol would be a good spot for headlights on the front too.


This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to protect my motors!

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that’s a great idea! maybe something like a picatinny rail


Haha yeah cant drink beer the whole day :sunglasses: will send @rich one bumper for testing, he is the new destroyer …

Yeah @Duffman made some 3Dprinted “driveguards”, they will help to protect against scratches, not sure if they will take an full impact by jumping on a rail… need to be tested !

hehe the holes could be used also as mountingpoint for brakelights … but the idea of a wheelie bar is super cool (-;

Yap if there is demand for such a product it will be available in the common colours.

Replyed to your PM , thanks.

Replyed to your PM, thanks



Would definitely be keen for a pair of these. Got a few scrapes on my gear enclosures already from riding up curbs at an angle. Any idea how much these will be at this point? :slight_smile:

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@b264 go :poop: on someone else’s party

& I thought the holes were going to be for a light weight encoder mount JensoBro? No beer, sounds like time for Whisky :smiley:

But I’m with you DeckyBro, straight away I was thinking headlight mount up front… Did you see the mount Scepy was using?

I’m up for a set of truck bushings w/spacers? bash guards too…


@b264 :poop: I’ty :poop: , :poop: , :poop:

Yeah I’m financially involved, I’m drinking the cnc badassery flavored JensoBro Koolaid! I happily give him my money for his gear, he destruction tests everything which is more than I can say for most.

JensoBro for the :checkered_flag: win!


Regardless of what it’s being called, do you actually think that people are getting mislead as to what exact sort of system this is before they buy it due to the term “direct drive” being used? Particularly at the price point these sell at.

I understand that direct drive generally seems to be referred to as hub motor systems on these forums but you could also conceive direct drive as being a term to describe the fact that the gears make direct contact as opposed to requiring a separate component such as a belt of chain to drive to “drive” the system.


Stop posting this every time the word direct drive comes up man. Weather is nice… Go ride or something.

@Nowind nice innovation. Might be interested later this year when winter hits and the trampa season starts again.


Thanks bro! :blush: I don’t like to destroy things but I’m not afraid of :wink:

These 3D printed driveguards look very helpful, too.

I could do that :rofl:

Almost on every ride I hit a gear box with a curb or similar with full energy and weight (like after jumping, I like to ollie sidewalks but don’t succeed everytime), the gear box has no problem with this heavy impacts which is really amazing but this protector could save some material…


Dude - it’s all good - you gotta take your medicine :wink:

These look great - I’d also be happy to put these through their paces :wink:

I guess the problem still might be the drives could buckle under too much impact - it really needs something to take the impact instead of the drives. No idea how that could work though without comprimising ground clearance. This will certainly help with general riding though.

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I doubt the drives could buckle from my experience (of course it’s possible like a lottery prize). I think a further advantage of the driveguards is that the main impact is always on the aluminium part of the gear box and never on the POM part.

I could imagine that with a separated protection the ground clearance would be too less.

You could wax the driveguards for rails DanSlides :wink:

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I’m definitely down fora set (front and back) I think the front doubled asa headlight mount and luggage handle to drag it around would be awesome (I refuse to carry my esk8s, luggage rolling it or riding only haha…f***** Esk8 pris <— )


Hey actually no pricepoint, playing around with different materials. Send rich my last pair, but as soon i got new i will spread some for testing.

Not my intention this time, i think the encoder embadded on the Gearbox would be nice (-;

No… Do you have a link?

The truck bushings seems not strong enough, i think its just to thin 8/10mm the brass break fast like @rich pointed out The next prototypes of Driveguards could be tested from you of course.


Thanks mate, ANYTIME

Yeah Dude i will :sunglasses:

yeah the next batch for testing i will thinking of you !

yap i think its the main problem is everything you add will reduce ground clearence and you get more and more impacts…

wax the driveguards :grin:

Haha :grin: Anytime but i guess you will wait for Blue ones isnt it ? (-;


Do you think the torque applied to the bushing via how tight the kingpin is tightened on the hanger has anything to do with it?

& sceppy’s light mount bolted up on top of the trucks/deck like so: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words-use-pm/2992/4255?u=cobber

His wasn’t for a channel truck though…


lastly: bash guards I’m in Bro :call_me_hand:

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Hey actually no pricepoint, playing around with different materials. Send rich my last pair, but as soon i got new i will spread some for testing.

Always happy to volunteer if you need more testers :wink: These are the some of tracks around my house that I usually ride on :smiley:


sweet as dude, country round me is more like this:

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