Bull, Raldey, TranceBoard and Nerv?

So I’m on a budget and looking for the best board for my money, and I come across these brands which are basically rebranded from the Chinese company Changzhou Biseh Cycle Co. LTD, from what I can gather. Anyway they claim some fair specs. Carbon deck 2x 1500 hub motors 32 km/h 32km range 20° incline

And I can get this for £325 + £30 postage

Some advice form the more experienced e builders would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you could post a link of the product? Sometimes the pictures tells a lot!

That are just the advertisement-specs… they are hardly true…

It seems to good to be true!

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Some sites only say 20km range instead of 35…

It has 288wh and uses hub motors. Therefore i think it will have 15km range max. Edit: The first site says 7 miles / 11km. That seems realistic

32km/h Topspeed and the 20° incline could be realisitic.

So do you think it’s worth the buy?

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272519949015

If you get it for that price it would be a good deal because it…

  • has li ion batteries
  • carbon fibre deck
  • hub motors

It is definitivly well for starting with esk8!

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These are just rebranded Bisek boards. Search for that nams and you will find several threads discussing it.


Excellent, thanks for that, just had a good read up, and some good advice for the board too, I think it’s worth the money.

Don’t forget that you will also have to pay EU import duties and you will not have a warranty.

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For that price it may be worth even just for the deck

Just spoken to the guy via whatsapp, he has 4 in the uk for sale and happy to pay via PayPal. 3 day delivery after payment

Fair play but dont understand why he made the shipping cost so high.

True, I’ve just offered him £300 all in, said he’s going to get back to me in the morning.

Good price, talked to them before the deck alone costs 180-230 USD

Edit - Didnt read offer, he will probably decline and is probably looking for £600-700

Out of curiosity are you the person that put a bid in?

He has them for Buy it now for £399?

well i don’t believe what the specs say
like it says 32kms top speed and then 32 km range that would make it 1 hour riding time mmmmmmm i scratch my head a bit here , it only has 1500 watt motors x 2 so that is 3000 watt i don’t think its going to be 32 km range i recon it will be more like 20 km range if that i hate to tell you all adverts lie big time i got some really nice kit i bought a bench wheel c board think it was around £500 free p &p it has 2 x 1800 motors thats a cool 3600 watts it goes flying up hills of 30 degrees its a good 18mph alsthough thaey said 20 mph ,i don’t think so thou , it goes for a good 45 mins top wack probably more if you want to risk the breaks failing cos the power is too low ,as once it goes into low power red light flashing i take it to charge , i also add that i go down hill a quarter of that time so regenerative break power has to be added or subtracted in these equations and i weight 94kgs. that said it has to be the most awesome affordable board and don’t make the mistake of saving a few quid to buy something that ain’t all it says on the tin and that also says you cant return it if its been used or looked at lol

i like the nerv it looks nice BUT i don’t have it so i can’t tell you if its really bull. i want to know if the spec is what is says ,any one have one can you please let us know cheers ps i also have a eight ball fast wheel uni wheel and a ninebot mini and a 10 inch one wheel skateboard (not tryed it out yet waiting for the good weather for that one ) anyone else have any of these lets chat plus any one can tell me of a skate board with big wheels thats light weight as every thing i have seen weighs in the stupid o clock numbers ,or its priced out to space light the evolution boards ,hello don’t forget we have to pay import and tax duty on top of the huge shipping oh well i would love to chat with any like minded peeps

this was original a 400$ board and now it should be 1400$?? Did i miss something?


That’s a Joke! More than the Raptor2…

Did you ever get that board?