BulletProof Commuter: Kicktail for tight turns and on a budget

Please shoot some holes in my build plan, I want it bullet proof and reliable.

Needs: -Commuter Board -SplashProof/WaterProof. Lots of puddles from irrigation on the paved trails here -Reliable -Range (real-world 10miles+) -Speed 15-20mph is fine -Single 6355 belt drive -Kicktail Downhill board -83mm wheels (because of clearence with above board-style) -10s3p (3000mah or 3500mah)

I live in a mostly flat city, Boise,ID. I’m 170lbs.

Nothing has been purchased yet, but I’m about to pull the trigger.
I’d consider buying used parts too, if they are in almost new condition.


My PartsList: I’ve been reading all over the forum and there are many opinions, so i just wanted to tie them together all here and get feedback to build a reliable yet budget board. I wont be cranking up any crazy hills so shouldn’t be putting that much load on the board

DECK: Freeride Longboard Kicktail https://www.skateshred.com/wholesale-blank-longboard-decks/blank-free-ride-and-downhill-longboard-decks/kicktail-dark-walnut-deck.html 34 x 9.25 Kicktail (may be too short for my enclosure) Also thinking of their 36 x 9.5 yet like the more pronounced kicktail of the previous Lots of 90degree and shart corners on the trails a traditional longboard would never make

MOTOR: 6354 Flipsky 6354 Kit (motor,vesc,nano,spark,bluetooth…)

MOUNT/PULLEYS: Torqueboards kits (DIYE was crap!)

ESC: Flipsky FSESC 4.12 50A (from motor kit)

TRUCKS: Caliber II 50 - Gold

WHEELS: Generic Flywheels 83mm Longboard Flywheels + ABEC 7 Bearings + Spacers

RISERS: 1/2" (think i could have gotten away with 3/8 or less)

BATTERY: Custom ordered 10s3p Samsung-30Q with BMS/Switch/LCD/+ 4A charger

ENCLOSURE: BUD Industries: 12 x 6 x 2.5 Aluminum (Amazon.com)

REMOTE: Benchwheel + Receiver (Nano broke on me)

OTHER: Clear Grip Tape A boat load of stickers

Thanks all!

Personal opinion, based on reliability.

Deck - Consider a Tayto? https://buildkitboards.com/collections/decks/products/bkb-tayto-31-deck TB motor - the others are either crap or inconsistent BKB push fit mount https://buildkitboards.com/products/modular-pulley-set?variant=12443524956254 FESC 4.12, best bang for your buck (not the mini) - Offer 20% under asking price to ebay sellers, there’s loads of these floating around and people are unloading. Get real flywheels or BKB premium clones - https://buildkitboards.com/collections/wheels/products/90mm-build-wheels?variant=5041515167774 Riptide tunnel riser will keep everything neat http://www.riptidesports.com/tunnel-risers/ Cant go wrong with caliber 2’s, might as well get some bushings and cups from riptide if you get the riser. Battery - LHB or Tiller, you can get an enclosure here or eboosted’s from Jared for the tayto if you consider that. Remote - Nano is a bit crap, mini if you don’t live in the hood and wont get shot because it looks like a gun - These are bulletproof. Or any other 2.4ghz that’s considered reliable. Maytech nunchuck maybe?

Finally, stay the hell away from Mboards. He’s a clown.

Edit: Last bit of advice - You’ll see I listed stuff and tried to keep the options all in one place. Trust me you can get carried away and order single items from all over the show in an attempt to save money. Soon you’re tracking 25 orders, paying shipping and dealing with customer services from 25 stores. Same for wires, connectors and so on. Best advice: Keep it simple, get everything you can from as few stores as possible.


love the deck choice but you may need the 36 for the extra space. See if you can find a data sheet which gives you the measurements between the trucks

Maytech seem to be the most highly thought of atm

Mount on a budget the @dickyho with idlers is a good bet Pulleys. 15mm minimum on a single drive so no skippity skip

Focbox if you want the best 4.12 but the HK 4.12 will do the job for less money I use both and they work well Trucks wheels and risers are all good choices

This will get you the desired range if you go with 30q cells. Charge only bms and antispark switch.

This where you will run into issues with water ingress.
The 10s 3p with esc from mboards is the easiest out of the lot to waterproof and it is low profile. You just need to make sure the length works for the deck though TB one is big as is the diye 5p and has holes and vents. Very deep enclosure too.

I personally don’t like the nano for a shortish board, it too snatchy for me. I like the benchwheel for its long throttle range. Good luck with it my friend and make sure to post the build pics as and when.

if you’re only using a single motor a 6354 will not be amazing just saying. 6374 would be better tbh

I dont want to kill myself :).

I’ve updated parts list above to Benchwheel and Maytech or TB…but may go with TB as I might get a kit from them. Anyone have thoughts of Caliber Trucks vs the TB clones?

I use tb stuff predominantly because I know it and better the devil you know. Tb clones are realistically the same as caliber tbh. There is a good argument for using a kit on your first build because it simplifies things and gets you used to the components. TB is the best by far. Just be aware the mounts can be fiddly to set up. Once done though are fine and will last you ages. Good quality gear at a good price.
All the 4.12 vesc variants are the same tbh so the tb one I’m sure will be just fine, I’ve just never used one. I like to advise on things I know and use not speculate based on other peoples experience.

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why did you update your parts from a 6354 to a 6533.?

typo from original post…fixed

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So I’ve seen comments here and there but I never seen specifics. Why is Mike from mboards a clown? I’m not doubting it, just wanted to know reasons. I know he’s not real big into the esk8 scene but neither am I as I’m just a newcomer.


This post might help @swimmydude

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As stupid as this sounds, I didn’t even think to actually search it on here. Thanks!

I just got the moonshine outlaw deck I’m about to build but all of moonshines decks are waterproof and super durable with urethane around the whole outside edge. Tons of different styles and have heard nothing but good things form anyone who’s had one. Check em out… look sick af too of course.

A 10s3p will fit on that deck. I’ve chopped that deck for many different builds/swaps and I’ve used a 10s3p in all of them 20180110_22480620180207_235400 20180506_17362820180509_03562320180208_012328


I like the look of that short board, thanks for sharing.

I’ve updated the parts list, and the first parts arrived yesterday: Flipsky motor kit/package Caliber II’s

Tomorrow the Deck/wheels will arrive and probably still a week out for battery arrival.

I may just put it all together as is and test the “cruisability” of the board setup with he tall risers and check clearance

Parts are all in (except battery).

Kicktail Deck + Calliber II 50’s + 1/2" Risers + 83mm Freewheels

I gotta run out and grab some spacers for the hub/bearings but have a rolling chassis now.IMG_2789 IMG_2792


Does anyone have the suggested FOC VESC configurations for the Flipsky 6354 motor please. I am an average rider and dont want it to go balls out just conservative and max speed 20mph for me please, as I weigh 175lbs.



what was your 10s3p configuration? did it use a bms? would love to here the specifics because I’m thinking about building a commuter build for a 17" wheel base deck which is similar to yours

see this thread, i may have one of the battery packs available:

Hey @SecrIT, had a few thoughts on your build. Love the deck btw. Waterproof is legit going to be very difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. Some things to consider: Bearings. Gonna want ceramics for wheels. But also gonna want ceramics for the motor bearings too. @b264 what have you done to waterproof your setups? Are there any waterproof motors? Holes. The less holes in your enclosure, the better chance you’ll achieve your goal. Fortunately with Bluetooth, battery meters are no longer necessary. There’s also push to start anti spark switches available now. That gets rid of 2 holes. Be cognizant of how you’ll route your motor wires, and the charge port type. Gaskets. Use em. When in doubt, use em. Search the forum for diff types. Potting. Never done this myself, but might be a good precaution to pot your electronics to further waterproof them in the event some liquid gets into the enclosure. My .02. Look forward to seeing how this goes :grinning:down. First builds are always the best.



Good info in here https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/waterproofing-your-board-tips/37381?u=skunk

The info is spread out a bit. Been wanting to gather a detailed thread/how-to guide on treating a board for wet weather.