BullyDeck_37 Inch Drop Down deck Integrated Enclosure...Designing and Gauging interest for GB πŸ˜‰

Ok. It seems to go faster than I thought. If you like the project you can now sing to reserve your BullyDeck. It’s not the final form, it’s for me to understand if the project will take place or not :sweat_smile:. I have the company ready to make them after the Chinese New Year. I will first get a prototype and then open the final requests.

Deck specs:

  • 36 inch drop through/down deck
  • 9.8 to 9 inch wide
  • Canadian maple plus fiber glass for integrity
  • Nice concave
  • Integrated enclosure
  • 2 cutouts of 540 x 80mm x 24mm. 12s4p 2wd should fit easy.
  • I like in a wood colour. I will add the varnish to protect it. You can then paint it as you like it :wink:

I want to make it happen for below 200 Euro to Belgium, EU, then the shipping to you (should be around 30 Euro). Of course the more the cheaper. 10 decks should be fine for the first round. It will probably be a small GB since I need it soon! We can still change minor details in the next couple of weeks. Please participate to the pool and fill in the the Google form. Thx! Ciao ciao :wink:


Would you be interested in the BullyDeck project?

  • Yes, I will sign the form
  • Yes but I will wait the prototype first, to see if you lay :stuck_out_tongue:
  • No! but I will see you spending a lot on money in prototyping :sob:
  • No, I do not like it

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Edit: Removed the old pics for clarity.

β€œHello folks! Since I don’t know what deck to use for my next build, I am thinking of making one with partial or full integrated enclosure. I already have a short board, perfect for commuting but I am now making a powerfull DD and I would need to pair it with a bigger battery. I really like the landyacht switchblade so why not based mine ipotetica one on it? I made a draft of what can be the final version. It’s the 36inch one. Over 36 is too long for my taste. The one in the picture has grooves of 25mm deep so it would be the fully integrated version. Due to the size of the board I think it’s more for dual drive and not 4wd. The deck is quite thick, 35mm, but I can always decrease it. I did it to be sure that will be sturdy. I am thinking of using Canadian maple.”


It seems able to fit nicely 12s4p 18650 cells plus dual vesc and BMS (charge only).



looks heavy :sweat_smile:


That’s too thick (but nice shape). How about shaping it like a thinner deck with a smooth angled enclosure? Design it like a classic deck then bulge it where needed. It’ll also help drop the height.


@moon @Vanarian Yeh maybe too thick. I will try to just make it thicker in the central part.


I like it, like a short chunky hummie deck. If you mount drop through, you have to consider the thickness of the deck. Might need to route out a cavity on top for clearance.

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As other suggested I will design in a way the thick part is only for the enclosure, so the truck should be fine, probably it will allow more geardrive, hub, DD over belt drive if you want to position them facing inside. I am planning DD so should be ok. I am in contact with a company. Waiting to know how much they want to make it. Do not have time to press it by myself. I hope they will do it with out a MOQ, We’ll see it.


Or just filet of chamfer the edges so it looks thinner than it actually is


just like all the insta girls^^


I actually redesinged it. I made a bit more bulldog style (short and massive) :grin:

deck%20thin%208 deck%20thin%207 deck%20thin%20%205 deck%20thin%206

Cable management very simple for the moment, but that it’s easy to make it in another way. deck%20thin%209

If doesn’t cost a lot I am gonna add few layer of fiber glass in between so it can be even thiner but still stiff…


I dont think it needs to be this thick, I made my own (yet to be tested) out of hardware store plywood and PVA glue. It’s 18mm thick with a 12mm slot running he whole length of the wheel base almost. It is still reasonably strong but I will add a layer or two of fibreglass for extra strength and

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man that change everything, I kept 10mm above the grooves but now I am discussing with the factory to actually add 2 layers of fiber glass. I can probably then go for like 30mm overall so 5mm left. From the side it looks thicker for the concave, but it is actually only on the sides.

Has anyone ever done it themself? Like add a layer of fiberglass.

I think that basically you put it in between before soak it with epoxy or resin and press it. that what I understood.

damn, definitly a job for 2 people, all the steps and limiting time before it hardens ect.

I think it is possible alone, I mean you prepare the layers and then a long curing epoxy gives you 50 minutes of work.

Here we go thiner than never :joy: Now it’s 29mm thicker


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:joy: chunky, maybe you could make it so there is only concave at the ends. That way it will only look thick at the ends. That is what I am doing. The deck is flat and then I will glue on some raised bits where my feet go

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yeh I though about it, I will remove a bit of concave in the middle, that should do the trick :wink:

V2 with less profile concave. I think that the maximum I can remove with out change the actual shape.

deck%20thin%20V2%202 deck%20thin%20V2