Bunch of parts [EU]

Hi everyone,

got some parts I’m selling

first of all Bestech 80A 10s Bms. Only installed, never been in the field. 45 euro’s ![IMG_201IMG_20190316_111218

Used 90 mm flywheel clone wheels. No chunking and wheels are in decent shape. 15 euros IMG_20190316_111551

36 teeth wheel pulley from alienpowersystems. Some screws got stuck but this doesn’t affect performance. 15 euro SOLD IMG_20190316_111620

Kayak handle + Bash guard. 6 Euro IMG_20190316_111716

5 pair of xt90 6 euro IMG_20190316_111629

Belts: 2x 265mm 15mm 1x 260mm 9mm

3.5 euro a piece. 9 euro for the 3

Prices do not include shipping and Paypal charges. Shipping will be from EU - Netherlands

Have a good day!


36 teeth wheel pulley from alien power systems please.

I’ll pop you a pm


PMd for the motor and the wheels.

How much shipping to France for the xt90 lot? I’ll take them if not too expensive :+1:t4: send you a PM

still have bms? dm if you can, idk how to

Bump 10 char

May I reserve the bms for 2 days? I need to know how much walkaround money I have when I get my salary this friday

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sure man. 10 char

Can I have the BMS if the Chef spends all his wages on hookers and booze?


It all your’s! Cheffy need to get his drink on

are the flywheel clones still available?