Burley travoy esk8 trailer?

I just came across this looking for one of my ebikes, might make a cool esk8 party tool?

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only cool if you do fliptricks with it

@ekitesurfer is there a link you meant to share?

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Could probably tow a cooler/ couple of chairs/ umbrella/ boom box/ picnic basket/ blanket/ profalactics/ frisbee with this in one hand and remote in the other no problem

I’ve done my shopping several times using my esk8 and a shopping trolley we already have (posted these pictures in the famous picture thread already :slight_smile: )

Managed to have the remote and the trolley in one hand while taking a picture with my other hand. Not really recommended, but hey, selfies are important …


I’ve had the Travoy for two years now, I use it with my bike to commute to and from the airport twice a week. It’s a fantastic tool, you hardly feel it behind the bike, and it’s dead easy to fold. I put it in the bag and carry it with me in the plane. But it’s not a cheap toy! It can take up to 27Kg, and it actually does, I’ve tested it.

Think it could handle 45mph? I am thinking of putting a big battery in it.

I don’t think you have the space to install a motor. Once the wheel is on you have no space between the wheel and the body of the trailer. The wheels are removable and the connection is pretty loose, although I never had any problem with it. I don’t think it would sustain any strong pressure. You would have to look at the solution they use for electric golf buggy to find ideas.

I’m talking about putting the battery in the travoy and powering a rear hub on a bike

sorry for the late response but I was just thinking about the same thing not long ago…

Even sweeter would be to attach some sort of ‘‘trailer’’ or extra skateboard like someone already had done, to pull one more ‘‘passenger’’ with the powered board :slight_smile: