Burnout motor today

Well I burned out one of my motors today and I was about to post about how great these motors have been. They had seem to be lasting forever. Even with all I put them through . Riding through grass even. But today I was putting a friend with a rope . He was on a skateboard he made out of a sky. I’ve pulled other skaters before and didn’t think it would be to hard on it. I’ve even pulled two chicks behind me down the boardwalk before. The motors didn’t seem to be getting to hot or any thing. The ESC burned out too so now im running on just one motor. We had to cut the wires to the burned out ESC and remove the belt from the burned out motor so we could make it back to the car. This sucks!

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What esc? Gearing? Voltage? Motor?

I’m wondering if it was just to much load on the motor. It could have been numerous things but usually with towing people you can easily be pulling 400lb, but this was a dual right?

Ya the dual enertion motors on 8s. The ESC only burned out cuz the motor did. It’s a 200 amp ESC that has a burst of 1000 amps. Rated for up to 8s. My friend weights maybe 240lbs but I only weigh 130lbs. Maybe sand got in the motor but I’ve used it down on the boardwalk many times. 15 tooth pinion and 32 I think on the drive wheel. I’ve had this board for a little over a year with no problems. My friend is a big guy and he was putting me at the time it went out. Maybe some thing got in the motor. The windings burned and the motor was smoking. I ran up and unplugged the battery.

@Daniel92104 Even with duals, you shouldn’t be pulling more than 300lb at a given moment with that ratio, and voltage. From my assumption you over amped your motor. I’m sure someone could pass along the formula but let’s just say 400lb by 8s on 2x 6355 just doesn’t mix well.

Since you don’t have a Vesc I wouldn’t find if hard to belive that your motor fried from the windings getting to hot and all the weight. Keep in mind it takes much less time for copper to heat up and melt the enamel coating for the magnetic wiring than for it to transfer the heat to the stator. The Vesc would have saved you by limiting the amount of current your motors could have gotten before making your motors toast. :slight_smile:

There has got to be a typo here with 200A esc and 1000A burst did you mean 20A?

Nope, most likely a Hobby Grade ESC.

1000A is probably not even possible with the small wires used lol. I think Hobby stuff is always over specified.

Holy crap VESC $163

It’s been a kick ass set up till we over amped the motors today. Well it’s time to rebuild it better I guess. But Right now I’m in the middle of building a real hover board.

Tell us more! @Daniel92104

It’s built like a drone. 8 electric motors spinning 8 20x10 props on 12s. the motors are much the same as what we use on our electric skateboards 6374 149kv. Sky boot bindings keep you strapped in to the aluminum frame. Max thrust is 220lbs. All up weight including me 190lbs. The weight of the board is 60bls including batteries.the flight controller keeps it stable. But if you lean your weight off in any direction it will start flying off in that direction as the flight controller trys to level it. You can get it really moving fast tho with the sticks on the rc controls. I’ve been as high up as 400 feet. That was way scary not doing that again .Max flight time is 22 minutes. Charge time for all the batteries 2+ hours. I’m working on improving the flight time and efficiency so it stays up longer. I went up to the quicky Mart on it and man did it draw a crowd ! People trip out on it. It’s not small tho and I have to be careful not to hit anything or anyone with the spinning props. there are others out there building similar craft like that guy that’s famous for his the Canadian inventor but I don’t think his uses a flight controller. He just shifts his body weight around. I don’t find that to be very safe. At least with the flight controller mine will self stabilize.


Please show us a video. It sounds amazing

Sorry but I’m trying to get my patents for it at the moment so no pictures or video yet. I’m also not flying it any place public again. All my test flights will be done out in the desert away from prying eyes. I’m working on building it all over again with out using parts off the shelf. As the patent office said that was a no no And so far I only have the patent on the frame design. It’s costing me an arm and a leg to make all the parts from scratch and not easy. So try to understand. I’m literally having to build my own ESC’s and motors. But that also gives me a chance to improve things quite a bit. It’s proving to be alot of work trying to increase its flight time but I’ve already beaten the Canadiens record. I think his only stays up for two minutes lol. It’s alot of mathematics involved in figuring out how to improve it’s efficiency. I won’t show you mine but it’s much the same as this one that the Canadian buit only my flight time is much longer by ten fold and it’s much safer and more stable then his. Here is a clip of the one the the Canadian inventor built. https://youtu.be/AUq3mBuENiw. By

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You can try building one your self with part you can buy on line. It’s really just a matter of producing enough thrust so going over the math using flight calculators on line for the parts you’re going to use is a must. After you have that figured out you just have to pick up a flight controller. Build a strong frame and shell out a ton of cash for all the batteries it’s going to need. The main part of my build was trying to get the windings just right in the motors to improve the efficiency. In my above post I only gave you the base line of what I started with here. My stroggle has been much the same as the Canadians build. Keeping it flying longer. It takes a lot of watts to lift a man’s weight off the ground so each and every improvement in weight savings or in it’s efficiency makes a big difference. One percent here and there adds up. I even tried loosing a pound or two off my body weight. The board use to put out a lot more thrust 298lbs but that proved to be a waist and totally inefficient for max flight time. It now only puts out 220lbs of thrust and the max flight time went from 8 minutes up to 22 minutes after rewinding the motor wires and changing the wire diameter size. I’m now working with changing the can size as well. I found that a shorter wider can size will take less amps draw and put out a equal amount of thrust. It only takes a minimum of 27.5lbs of thrust from each motor to lift you off the ground smoothly. Besides you really don’t want to rocket off the ground anyways. that was nuts at near 300lbs of thrust it was launching me off the deck straight up. I think I left my heart on the ground on my first few test flights. Oh ya and bent the landing skids on the first touchdown not to say I wasn’t a little banged up too but that’s the chance I took. I did not think it was going to take off that fast and I was still doubtful it would even lift me on the first test flight. Boy was I wrong. Since then I’ve tried all kinds of different prop sizes and motor configurations trying to reduce the power consumption and increase the flight time. The funny part is the brain the flight controller is so small it fits in the palm of your hand. but I’m working on making my own flight controller so all the parts can be patented. I already have a manufacturer lined up to mass produce it after I’m done with the prototype. Oh ya and it doesn’t just hover it fly’s you off the ground way off the ground if you dare ! Eek I can see my house from here ! Spider-Man can’t catch me now ! Lol


Is this true??? Post a pic! Why do people care about patents. I mean realistically what is that going to do for you.

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That’s what I was thinking, no one here is going to try to do this from what I think, even me. Last thing I want to do is make my own helicopter to fly myself in it :cry:. Like the saying goes pic or you lion.

That is insane man! How are you still alive! lol When my drone is that high I can barely see it :slight_smile:. I hope to see more because from the video and what you are saying, that looks absolutely incredible! Good luck with those patents and I hope to see more!

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Hopefully I can double the flight time cuz 22 minutes in the air is still not good enough for any thing like flying to work and back. Like my girlfriend says get it up and keep it up long enough for me. Lol Ya 400 feet up with a parachute on my back just in case. Man I’ve spent so much money and time developing this but it will all pay off in the end when they start selling for the price of a new car.

how do you get ten fold better flight time?

I’ve already posted about that in my previous posts.