Burnt VESC? How do i troubleshoot

Hi! My VESC stopped working completely mid ride. It won’t power on through battery or USB so i can’t check the BLDC for issues. I don’t see anything visually burnt. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Mosfet has blown

The one over the red wire in picture two? (don’t mind the residue on the top of them they had heatsinks)

First pic. Mosfet to the left. But it can be residue. Hard to tell from the pic. @JohnnyMeduse is the guy you want an opinion from

Is it a dual or single setup?

image Is this some kind of damage you know about or is it something new? That exposed trace is connected to battery positive and it may be either mechanical damage or soldermask (the purple stuff on the PCB in your case) peeling due to heat which means a short.

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Single Setup

Hey, Yeah i noticed that too. Didn’t notice before, but not sure if it’s new… or i just didn’t notice :frowning: It’s very well protected under my board so i doubt it’s any physical damage. Do you have any recommendation to how to solve this? Thanks!

Do you own a multimeter?

If so you should start by measuring resistance (“beep mode” continuity if your multimeter has such a feature) between battery + and - it may beep/show low resistance for a moment as the capacitors are charging up but it should stop. After that, measure resistance between battery + and each phase wire, the same goes for battery - and each phase wire. None of them should be shorted. Next you can measure resistance between gnd and 5V and also between gnd and 3.3V again, these should not be shorted.

Your issue will most probably be the DRV since the VESC does not turn on at all, but that is just a guess at this point.


I’ll check this, Thanks!

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