Bus and metro hopper

Needs to be small fit into backpack this is for bus hopping and getting round trips of 7 or 8 miles Next build need help with Board need a 26to28" Motor/gears/Speed 15 to 20 mph im 86kg What i have is 4 aspec 2s 6600 batterys I have a besteck 8s bms on the way

Credit: @longhairedboy


Danm, now that’s a small board, haha.

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Fuckin love the size of the electronics

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I would need one for each foot


Seen this so cool

Im in ireland so when your in work the sun comes out if your stuck in the house with the kids the sun is out when you get an hour to head out on the eboard it rains going to make it water proof motor and box

LOL this thing is so ridiculous. I’m having a hard time getting it tuned to where its actually ridable by a normal person. That 12S1P i made from older cells is terrible, decent acceleration and terrible brakes, sag all over the place. I tried running the calculations and detections for FOC on it after getting BLDC hybrid running and i think i fried something.

ITs fast and surprisingly stable, probably mostly due to the 165mm caliber iis.

complete sketch on rough pavement, its like riding a pat of butter. its all over the place.

I’m also working on the enclosure still. right now the package is heat shrinked and i just tape it to the deck like a fool.