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Bushing fitment issue

Hey there guys, I am having an issue fitting my Venom Eliminator and Barrel bushing combo. I only used a flat washer in between the truck baseplate and the boardside bushing and a cupped washer on the outside of the roadside bushing. It doesn’t appear that it would fit even without one of the bushings. Am I missing something? Never used these type of bushings before.

Photos please!.. thanks

@AbrownMN I agree w @onloop that pics would help. If your bushings aren’t fitting, did you possibly by “tall” style bushings that aren’t compatible with your trucks. What trucks are you using?

If your having an issue fitting barrel bushings on your Carvon trucks, The best solution is to replace the stock bolts with longer ones. You can buy them in a kit or at the hardware store. Make sure you use grade 8 bolts. To remove the stock bolts, just remove trucks from the deck and remove hangers from the trucks. Brace the base plate on a very solid wood surface and drive them out with a soft dead blow mallet.
I did mine and it was a snap.

After playing around with the trucks and bushings a bit I think this is my best solution. The ends of my bolts seem to have messed up threads too so I should probably replace them anyways.

Another good tip is to put vaseline on the threads of the bolts. This makes it so much easier to tighten dow the bushings and keeps from damaging the threads.

Nice tip! Wish I would’ve known that one before dicking around with these. It was probably me who messed the threads up.

You messed up the threads on your king pin? Most of them are steel, that had to be tough to do. Now i really need to see pics.

They could have came like this too…I was really trying to get them on there at one point just to test how they would feel, but I don’t feel like I would’ve messed them up by hand tightening them on there. You guys be the judge. I’ll add some photos to this post in a minute.

@longhairedboy Here’s what they look like. I definitely didn’t take that chunk out of there so I don’t know if that’s just bad machining or if it’s supposed to look like that or what…

I have had kingpins come pre crossthreadded from factory before.
its nice.

Pretty sure that’s what I got… :confused: I really wasn’t torquing on them all that much…

Still haven’t fixed it, waiting to see if next round of bushings works out better.

ewww! just get some replacements and be done with it. That’s horrible.

Yeah, you’re probably right…