Bushing Set up Help

Sorry, perhaps I need the coffee. I am curious what they would use a board side cone. Will the larger diameter Barrel squeeze into that seat also or is it a no go?

Just tried it and didn’t fit :thinking:

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OK, I just watched their set up video…very complex. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oSomITT_9U

If you have the ability to modify bushings to fit boardside, you will have far more options available to you. Otherwise you will tied to replacements from Brakeboard or just be satisfied with changing the roadside bushing which unfortunately influences the set up less than the boardside bushing. A Dervish is a very flexy board and it may be contributing to the stability issues you are having. Can you describe what is happening over 25km/h?

Ok so I’m down to try. I have two options I can just use a standard riser on the back for 35 or flip the angle to be at 23.

So 53/35 and 53/23 are two options. Any thoughts on either of them?

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Start with the 53/35

@torqueboards was kind enough to send me a pair of the TB 218 trucks and here is what I found:

The RipTide Caliber II pivot is a perfect fit. As for bushings, there are some surprises. The best fits are Cones, Canons, FatCones and Magnums. Our Barrels fit, but the Canons fit better and our Chubby does not fit well. That being said, here is a rundown on the most common options for a symmetrical set up (same angle front and rear)

With the durometer remaining constant the relative feel follows:

Cone / Cone: Extremely carvey set up, generally used for low speed pedestrian slalom, campus crusing Cone / Canon: Playful carving set up, good for commuting where tight turns are occasionally needed. Low to medium speeds Canon / Canon: Versatile set up for medium to high speeds, can be run loose for tight turns and tighter for high speeds. Response is very linear Canon / FatCone: Similar to the Canon / Canon but the response is progressive. Resistance ramps up progressively the further you go. Canon / Magnum: Extremely stable set up, meant for very high speeds or a heavier rider with a wide board


Shit, now I need to try out some cannons…damn Brad, great run-down…

I ran some bushings through the 218mm torque to try and tune them for my fat 200lb old manatee like body. I can really leverage that long hanger. After a lot of trial and error I landed on Barrel/Fatcone combo, 93a Kranks on all 4. I didn’t have cannons to test.

I wanted to feel lots of rebound and a balance between stability and liveliness to begin this setup. the fatcones help tame the added leverage of the long hanger, it’s non linear feel and progressiveness lends well here. I did try the chubby, but like you said, it didn’t work well at all except for constricting the hanger movement.

I need to stick some cannons in there and get rid of the deadspot, but barrels seemed to work in combo with the fatcones just fine. It’s what I had around already.

Remember that the longer the hanger, the higher your duro may need go in order retain the same feel you have on a narrower truck. Riptides harder duros are still plush, you just have to be a fat man to appreciate them and make them work…

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If you have Barrels, flip them so the sharp edge is towards the hanger, that will improve the fit!

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I hadn’t thought of that but I will do it, thanks! I always use the rounded side in the seat.

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It is a good truck to have in your quiver

So the caliber 2 pivots fit better than the Indys?

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Also just realized I had stock roadside barrel bushings that came with the TB trucks and 89a blood orange barrels roadside.

Anyone know what the approx durometer of the stock barrel bushing is? Maybe if I switch the boardside to something a bit stiffer it’ll help for my heavier weight…

TB 218’s take the Caliber II, the TB V2 PRO Trucks take the Indy Pivots. @torqueboards, please correct me if I am wrong!

So, I now am using the original skateboards diamond drop 37" deck with the same caliber trucks and purple nipples. From my little test ride around the block, I loved it. I actually put a fairly soft riser under the back truck to make the motor fit better. The bushings squeak but it feels really nice so far. I’m about 125-130lbs so I’m not sure if I need softer ones but so far so good. I tightened the back truck more with advice from the forum. I wouldn’t mind getting the perfect bushings for me though lol. I think the concave and drop is what’s really making me love the ride though.


You may have the perfect bushings for you already. I can make suggestions if there is anything you are not happy with. If you are happy, why change?


@torqueboards did we get confirmation here? I have the indy and the 218mm trucks. Seems like I might have bought the wrong one

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If you have the TB218 you need the Caliber II’s

@pshaw Bought the wrong one how? Not sure what you mean.

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He bought Indy pivots for the TB 218’s whan he should have bought Caliber II’s. What I was asking was: the first Truck you sent me was the TB V2 PRO Trucks and they took our Indy pivots, correct?

@Alphamail Yeah, I think that’s right.

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