Bushing Set up Help

Oh OK I thought its from ground point of view (Can’t imagine running 20" wheels" and turn is based on deck/baseplate)… I have already 93A coming up so I dont know if I should order magnum in 93 or 90 :smiley:

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I am a big fan of keeping the same duro all around and messing with shapes so i would suggest the 93 Magnum to match


Today I received my ordered parts… Damn the evo is good…

Also I only received two bushings I was thinking like many told me that it will come for set of two trucks… So good thing… The problem with canon bushings was that caliber original washers did not fit. Also the height was bit high needed to squeeze to get the nut on. With 93A I am able to turn the truck not the same as I did with original caliber bushings… Plus I got two different bushing on calibers one was cone on roads another barrel so was interesting.

Also I don’t know if that’s because of my 70mm Chinese wheels but then I fully turn one wheel lifts off the ground is that normal?

can belt and wheel/motor pulley alignment cause wobbles too ya?


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buy a square, it will help you get perfect lines…

6 Inch Long Blade, 4-5/16 Inch Long Base, 0.0001 Inch Accuracy Steel Square


i will just not that one for $371.52 :open_mouth:

lol, i didn’t even pay attention to the price. I’ve never seen one that expensive. Try this one…


@Alphamail so i didnt test out the stock caliber bushings like i should instead i changed them out and not sure where the stock ones are but this is what i changed to… 93a riptide wfb barrel bushings 88a riptide wfb cone bushings large khiro cup washers Atlas Precision Top Hat Washers Riptide Pivot Cups (set of 2) - Durometer : 95A, then i swapped the wfb cones and precision washers to the cones from the tb218 trucks and used theyr cup washers as the precision washer dug into the wfb cones and ruined them. think this might be causing the speed wobbles

I am curious who recommended the 93a riptide wfb barrel bushings and 88a riptide wfb cone bushings in the first place.

muirskate had a bushing setup guide but it was a bad idea obviously didnt take into account how eskating difers from tradional longboarding… so what changes would you make? i pm’d you a pic of how tight i have been running my trucks which is way too tight apparently

@Alphamail Have I got the right pivot cups for these Randals?:confounded:

They stand proud by 5mm when fully seated and are so tight a little material is shaved off during insertion, any suggestions? thanks

Pictured: - Riptide Pivot Cups (set of 2) - Durometer : 96A, Type : Randal / Surf Rodz / Wefunk Stealth Randal Baseplate - Baseplate : 35°

Maybe a non problem, now I wish I hadn’t trimmed one down :sob:

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Can you get the hanger on Bro (@banjaxxed)? Looks like you did and they fit? You actually want the pivot cup/tube to come out to the shoulder of the pivot on the hanger to help support it to prevent lateral movement.

The white stuff is just WFB lube :wink: keeping them “Worlds Fastest Bushings” :rocket:


OK so I swapped the tb218 cups washers back to the atlas precision top hat washers and loosen the trucks because they were literally stupid tight…so tight the hanger was grinding :man_facepalming:

So now running cup washer & wfb 93a barrel bushings boardside and atlas precision top hat washers & tb218 cone bushings roadside and riptide 95a Pivot cups.

the trucks are tightened to one groove on the kingpin… I was told as you speed up they tighten up as in not be as carvying as they are very loose atm…

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@banjaxxed What degree plates are those Randals?

They are the 35°ones @Alphamail, looks likes like stupid came home to roost!

@Cobber is was a bit of a fight & nothing like sliding in a caliber pivot, I actually had to use a grip vice to get them in.

I can’t uncut the cut, back to sickboards for me,at least a spare will come in handy down the road & now we all know TB 218s will slot into a Randal baseplate fopr sure,which means you’re not stuck with 44 or 50 baseplates


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@stormboard1 I saw your PM and you definitely have them too tight. Rule of thumb for our bushings is tighten to the point where there is no slop but you can still turn the roadside bushing in the seat by hand. Tighten from there no more than 2 full turns for APS and KranK. For WFB, one turn maximum. In all the discussions, I have lost track of what you are trying to do so please recap here.

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My board was getting speed wobbles above 10mph I think how crazy tight I had them is to blame…I’d go and check but I sprained my ankle… ! Video won’t upload I’ll try later on my laptop

Randal is so over the map matching the BP hole diameter and the rough, oblate shaped Randal hanger pivot nose (the new ones are better now) plus the depth the pivot goes in to the 35 vs the 42 vs the 50, we opted to default to very tight to cover the wide tolerances we were confronted with. Some Randal’s, I need to use a vice to install. Caliber trucks are much more consistent so we did not need to compensate for such a wide tolerance

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I put one of those pivots into the 35 Randal and I’ve been riding it with it sticking out like that, and it’s a non-issue…it works fine…and it’s still better than the stock. The only concern would be any added fiction from touching the hanger’s “wings” but it’s not notable…

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