Bushings and which ones to use

I’m currently using red bushings on both home made eboards, is there a guide that explains the firmnest of each color bushings? Also, which would be better, soft or hard bushings for my eboards? They both have 6374 sk3 motors and 1/2" risers with a 1/8" soft risers also. All input greatly appreciated.

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I changed the bushing of my back truck to riptide 90a barrel bushings.That way it stays easy to carve whilst eliminating speed wobble.

I just received some blue ones to match my board im finishing but i think they’re softer than red. Are they softer than red?

I don’t know about the colors mine are red. Here is a guide


What is your weght, im 188lbs and wondering if i should stay with red or go with the blue ones i just received.

I am 161. Try both and decide what suits you best. If you don’t like them I would recommend 90-95 a barrel bushings.

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Another guide. I wouldn’t go by color alone. If in doubt, they are relatively cheap.



My new blue bushings are 88a, thank you all for the feedback.