Busted board 2 | Loaded fattail | Caliber 2 50/44 | Single Flipsky 6374 | dickyho mount | DIY 10s4p Samsung 30Q | FSESC 6.6 | 3D-printed enclosure

Just want share current build progress. More photos and BOM, 3d models here

image image image image image image image image image image image image


What are the hairbands around the motor for? :smiley:

I see you have nickel plates in the background, why did you choose to solder the cells instead? Way too easy to damage a cell that way, and I don’t know if I would trust that solder job from coming loose and causing a short :confused:

Cool budget build though, how much did it cost in the end?

Total cost about $800. I need battery current up to 60A, so connected cells with 12AWG. Nickel strips can handle only 15A and not easy to solder. I dont have good welding station. Dont think, that I damage battery - solder only few seconds. Connection is very strong.

Rubber rings around motor protects it from curbs


Honestly if I absolutely HAD to solder a battery I would want it to look like this. Each area looks clean, organized, and confined within the right space on the end of the battery.

Also that multifunction riser design is a great idea. I’ve tried doing something like that before, and I would recommend having more material with the attachments that can slide into that area in between the truck and the deck, otherwise it’ll probably get too flimsy.

Ok, the solder spots in the video look promising. I’m no battery expert, just know that soldering releases way more heat in the battery than spot welding. Also just realized you put kapton tape over the battery to prevent short circuits, so it should be safe :slight_smile:

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really like how solid everything looks!

Pretty clever how your split up the 12 AWG into four parts and soldered each onto a battery.

It’s not so easy, because there is 7 leads inside this wire. And I join them to 4. image

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Is that a 3D-printed wire stripper in the background?

Might have to F360 and print one. Looks useful.

edit: they are already on thingiverse :slight_smile:

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yes, desing not mine https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1868193

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Going to make single motor dual drive.