Bustin Boards factory discount - up to 50% off

Was on the Bustin boards website last night and noticed they are having a factory sale. The crazy thing is that it’s for the 2018 model year boards. I picked up a 2018 Nobach complete for $140ish with shipping. They have two coupon codes…

Factoryhookups = 30% off Factorystore = 50% off

Not sure if the 50% off only applies to certain boards, but get’em while they’re hot.

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I have a royce pro…love the shape! Gotta have kick tails!

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Actually, was looking at the Royce Pro as a potential esk8 deck. Is that what yours is?

Yep…the base of my build is the Busting Royce Pro deck. 37" long, adjustable wheel base from 23.2" to 27.4", no w concave so its more comfy and most important its has a Kick tail.

II’m still running mine in push mode…waiting for parts to arrive.

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Just for this I’d buy decks from them.


Their customer service is really great as well! Prompt, patient replies were all I received whenever I face problems. I personally own their Maestro Mini and an older Sportster Pro and I have no regrets at all till now. Their 2018 line is looking amazing with that E-Core!

Yeah, how much less do those weigh than an all wood deck? Anybody here know which ones are the stiffest?

Yeah…they are really cool and down to earth guys and treat costumers really well. Will definitely buy more boards from them.

I’ve got the all wood version so don’t know about these new decks. I guess the new Royce Pro version will be similar to the loaded cantellated tesseract. They look promising.

I thought it said on their site that the discount codes were ending last night, but I guess not lol.

I’m almost tempted to pick a couple of boards up, but ehh…does anyone know how noticeable that micro-drop in the mini maestro is, cause I hate drops. My feet like to be planted on top of the back trucks and feels weird when they aren’t. I absolutely hated the sportster 33 because of that drop.

See I’m the opposite, I bought the Nobach because it had the big drops. I dip the drops on push boards. Haha!

I’m in the minority, but it’s how I skated when I was a kid. Foot always above the rear truck, ready to put some weight on that kicktail when I needed to :smile:.


I agree, they have bomb customer service. I ordered from them earlier and made a mistake on graphics, but they still catered as if they were the ones who made the error. Offered me bearings even though it was my own damn fault. Now that’s some customer service.

sale is gone