Buy a cheap rc remote they said

Gt2b with mad munkey case mod

Had a pretty good fall today. I swapped packs and rode around for maybe 30 seconds. Went to turn around and noticed I had no throttle. It was extremely brief. Maybe like 3 seconds. I didn’t have time to check if the tx lost signal or not. I was kind of playing with the throttle while this happened, I had it around half throttle and it connected back up, I think just reaction caused me to full throttle after it jolted forward and my board ripped out from under me and body slammed me, I went up in the air completely and fell straight down haha. Also broke one of the fan blades on my max6 esc from the slam I think

I’ve actually had this happen before. Maybe like one or two times but I thought it was just a fluke. This last time I now know for sure it’s some kind of signal issue. This is a big deal for me, as it can cause some serious injurys if I were going at a faster speed. I’ve rode my board probably 150 miles and it’s happened 2-3 times.

I’m just wondering at this point where to diagnose or what I can do to track down this issue. Faulty antenna? Messed up throttle pot? My esc wires are soldered direct. Im going to open the gt2b up tommorow and check connections. I might buy a new gt2b and just use it stock to see if the issue is within the modded one currently Thanks for any input -zack

I’m about to order a gt2b as a backup for my mini remote. I’ll be interested to hear what your conclusions are.

Ya I’m not sure what it could be man. There’s so many variables. Everyone on this forum swears by it and says it’s the most reliable. When I used to rc I would use very expensive futaba radios. I would have no problem spending 300 on a nice radio/transmitter. Only reason I went with this is because of the reputation. (Granted it could be a faulty connection somewhere on my side still) I have a friend that said he’s had issues with fly sky radios in the past

I´m using the Gt2B by myself, normally its a really stable and safe connection. Have had problems with a slightly damaged antenna… it was a little bend, far away from snapped complete just the outer hull, used some heatshrink but get some bad signal drops … I swapped the reciever to new one and secure the antenna twice… No more problems If you are unsure what it cause i would swap complete remote and reciever… No fun as you said and really dangerous!

Been using the same Gt2B for two years now in a Bad Wolf enclosure and have never had a drop out or really any problems. I also use the Gt2B for my RC car and it’s been great for that as well. Sounds like a faulty TX or RX.

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  1. Is your fail safe correctly set and tested?
  2. Check the antenna of both receiver and transmitter, they can easily be broken off from vibration. The remote will still function but range is reduced and interference will be worse.
  3. Remote is fully charged. It can still work at low battery but can act a bit funky.
  4. Receiver antenna location, the silver bit at the end should be far away from motor wires, battery wires, esc etc. Preferably not under you foot either. Water (blood) is good at blocking radio waves.
  5. PPM wires should not wrap over motor wires. I had a case when accelerating up hills the high amps would cause a drop out.

In future if you detect any drop in throttle or drop out reduce throttle to a neutral or a low level to it comes back. Should only be a few seconds. Pushing it up and down is dangerous in this situation.

I still think the GT2b is still the most reliable radio link but its not 100% fool proof or totally un fallible.

All so check the spot welded Taps on the battery. Mine was loose…

great replies guys. thank you!


  1. i was wondering about that myself, for my max6 esc’s. i didnt see anything in the manual about setting the fail safe. if i turn off my remote, the board will just free coast.(also very dangerous). i deffintely need to look into that.(edit, just realized that the fail safe is within the gt2b:open_mouth:)
  2. i will check out both those items later today 3.remote was fully charged 4.the antenna is just wrapped up in my reciever box(attached photo) here is something…lol(attached photo) my reciever is in my reciever box on the back end up the board. BUT i also have a battery capacity meter direcly mounted inside that box, very close to my reciever. the power wires for that meter are only 22 gauge, so there isnt any high amps going through it but its still running out the same chase as the ppm wires. very interesting. and yes the smart thing to do would be to not touch the throttle, i just wasnt sure what was going on. man it hurt too. my body aches because of it haha

You can see here where the battery capacity meter and box is


what motor mounts are those? i like them a lot.

direct drive setup from jenso. @Nowind. best/cleanest mounts you can get, no questions asked. i think it cost me about 530usd shipped from germany

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