Buy my project, 12s 6374 chain drive

Theoretical numbers: Top-speed 24 mph Wheel torque 14.9 Nm Thrust 393 N (aka 40.1 kg, or 88 pounds) See pictures for calculations

Parts: 12s LiPo Turnigy Nano-tech, 4000 mAh, 25-50c Turnigy Aerodrive 6374 192 kV 3:1 gearing via custom chain drive 76mm Akasha Ahmyo wheels Caliber II, 50 deg, 9 inch trucks Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 (based on the VESC 6)

Condition: Good physical condition, rode less than 5 times ESC occasionally cuts out, it needs new capacitors Lipo batteries haven’t been tested in about a year, they may need to be replaced Will need a new RC transmitter, the controller was misplaced

Asking $445 OBO shipped, continental US