Buying 6384 directly from china

Hi all,

I’ve been in contact with suppliers from China and I will soon make an order of 6384/6374 brushless motors to Europe. I wonder if any of you would be interested in any of these motors. If so I could order some few extra ones and maybe make up for the shipping and taxes.


I’m looking for sealed 6374 or 6384 motors, with a kv 170-190. Can you tell some specs what kind of motors you are looking for?

Also looking for some sealed 6374 / 6384 motors but in a lower kv area.

Do you have some pictures? What would the price range be?

Hey Lukas where are you writing from, and what kv are you looking for?

Guys, these ones are not sealed, but they are pretty dope. The specs are quite similar to the APS ones ( and you can personalize it if that’s the case.

the price range will be around 80 USD for the 6384 and 60 USD for the 6374 without shipping and customs. These are sensored motors.


If it was for some sealed ones I would be interested.

I’ve been looking at sealed motors for a while now and the two I have come across that look good are maytechs that stocks already and at 190kv instead of factory 170kv.

The other is from alibaba and is stocked by street-wing.

I have spoken with the second factory a few weeks ago about getting a small order made and was told they could do something with a MOQ of only 10 instead of the listed MOQ of 20 but would have to wait until after the Chinese new year.

I will ask these guys if there are any chances they could seal the motors, but I wouldn’t be so optimistic about it.

Hey Steve, Was looking for around 150 kv :slight_smile:

Writing from Germany

I’m from Budapest Hungary. I was chating with maytech on alibaba. They gave me a not so nice price (114 USD) / pc for a sealed 6374 170 kv. Maybe if we could tell them to ship out more to different places but taking as 1 order :slight_smile:

I was talking once with street-wing. Because of GBP they are very expensive in Europe. Maytech maybe can give us a good offer.

Steve, I thought about that too, but in this case, there will be several custom clearances what will increase the price of the motors. I think is actually cheaper to get them here in Europe first and then reship it to the other destinations.

114 USD is a bit too much for me with all the customs and taxes beeing added here in Germany But thank xou for the offer :slight_smile:

Yea I know, because of the GBP to Euro conversion it works out cheaper to buy the dark matter motors that scepterr is selling from the US and have them shipped. Same motor that street-wing has.

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Yes exactly, that’s my problem too. I do like their motors, and they seem to be good quality, but they are extreme pricy :frowning:

I don’t know if Street-wing and dark matter motors are the same, but I just had a talk with @scepterr, and he seems to be a correct, nice guy

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Maybe someone want’s to arrange a group-buy. I would be interested in some Maytech 6374 sealed motors with sensors

I am pretty sure they are the same motor. Anyway I will be buying some motors soon. Once people get back to me with prices, either from the US or direct from china. Since that seems to be the cheapest option over buying something inside the EU. So maybe a few of us can group together to save postage.

I’m after sealed/semi sealed 190kv 6374/6384

Moros, you better off buying it directly from China, unless you get them second hand from the US. Does it make such a difference buying these sealed motors? they look to be the ones in that ripoff Chinese mountainboard.

Lukas, where in Germany?