Buying a Vesc in EU

I just want a pros opinion on this product:

Do you know another seller in EU with better quality/price ratio?

Haven’t used the maytechs myself, but I know the vescs from is really good quality for not much more money.

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That’s a maytech one, not the best quality but it should work (do not try FOC on it) The seller is @fottaz, who is able to repair it if anything goes wrong, but I’m not sure about warranty. Other good vescs are @esk8’s one, but they’re pretty expensive. Europe doesn’t have many sellers unfortunately

Normally more you spend more quality you get…thats pretty obvious

Maytech are working good in both of my builds, all of Enertion Vescs I had in the past died very fast.

A friend of mine is trying to get FOC working on them, I will let you know how to get It works, if possible

It’s not really correct to say It should works, It works for real, otherwise I wont sell them:slight_smile:

I would rather buy a focbox from a GB for the same price. If you are interessted you can contact me by pm